Simply spend with your Citi cards from 30 October 2020 till 28 February 2021 and
stand to win only prizes that you desire.




Spend a min, or accumulated amount of
a RM50 daily, from 9am to 10pm
and meet the Winning Transaction Count during Campaign Period.
Please refer to the


Collect contest entries through these following activities:
entries thumb
  • For every RM50
    spent on local retail
  • For every RM20
    spent on contactless
entries thumb

For every RM50
(or equivalent) spent
via Citi Card(s) on:

  • E-Wallet transaction
  • Online transaction
  • Foreign currency
    (retail or online)
  • Utilities transaction
    For further details,
    click here

entries thumb
  • When you spend
    RM2,000 and above
    in a single receipt.
  • For every RM50 spent
    on online transaction
    during 11.11 and 12.12 sales.
entries thumb
New-to-Bank Citi
Credit Card1
entries thumb
Credit Card1
entries thumb
Personal Loan2
entries thumb
Quick Cash2
entries thumb
entries thumb
entries thumb
Newly Joined/
Upgraded to Citigold
entries thumb
Newly Joined/
Upgraded to Citi Priority
entries thumb
Newly Joined/
Citi Banking

2x entriesWhen you apply for Citi
Cards at the new Citibank
Johor Bahru branch

1Approved and Activated
2Capped at 100 entries for each product

50 entries

entries thumb
Credit Limit
Increase with successful
Income Information
entries thumb
Log in to
Citi Mobile App
on your IOS
or Android
mobile devices3 & 5
entries thumb
Withdraw > RM1,000
Cash Advance via
Citi Credit Card
(excluding Citibank
Debit & ATM Card)4
3Log in once each campaign month (log in will be counted from the campaign start date)
4Exclude multiple withdrawals and payment back on same day
5Capped at 100 entries for each log in each campaign month
*Subject to Terms and Conditions.
Please refer here


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this Campaign run?

This campaign will run from 30 October 2020 till 28 February 2021.

Do I need to enrol in the Campaign to be eligible?

No, as all eligible customer (Citi Credit Cards and Citi Debit & ATM cardmembers) are automatically enrolled for this Campaign. This campaign is not eligible for customer with Citi Business Signature Card (Full Corporate Liability), Citi Business Signature Card (Joint & Several Liability), Citi Travel Account.

How do I participate in this Campaign?

You need to spend with your Citi cards in order to stand a chance to win our Daily, Monthly and Campaign Prizes. Campaign Prize is applicable to Citi credit cardmembers only. (Please refer to Campaign Terms & Conditions for more details).

What are Contest Entries and what must I do to win the Prizes?

Contest Entries may get you closer to be shortlisted for the Monthly Prizes and/ or Campaign Prize in this Campaign. The more Contest Entries you earn, the higher the chance of getting shortlisted as a potential winner. Once shortlisted, you will be identified as a winner if you answer the Q&As correctly (Please refer to Campaign Terms & Conditions for more details).

What if I cancelled my Citi Card(s) during/after the Campaign period?

At the point of winner shortlisting, if all your Citi Card(s) account are delinquent, invalid and/or cancelled, your Contest Entries will be disqualified.

Will my Contest Entries be disqualified if I cancelled my credit card(s) and still hold my Debit Card?

No, it will not be disqualified as you still hold a valid Citi card. However, you will not stand the chance to win the Campaign Prize as it is only applicable to Citi credit cardmembers.

If I have 2 credit cards and I cancelled one of the card during Campaign period, will I be eligible to win?

Yes, you can stand to win the prizes should you are still hold an eligible active card with us.

What if my card been replaced/ upgraded/ renewed to another card?

You can still continue to spend with the replaced/ upgraded/ renewed card as the Contest Entries that you have earned prior to getting replaced/ upgraded/ renewed card will still valid and carried forward onto the new card.

Can my supplementary card participate in this campaign?

All related Citi cards including his/her supplementary card(s) spend shall be automatically tracked for purposes of Contest Entries earning for this Campaign.

Can I and my supplementary card win the monthly prizes for the same campaign month?

Supplementary Cardmembers are not entitled to win any Prizes. Only Principal Citi Cardmembers can be shortlisted to be the winners.

How many Prizes are there to be won in this Campaign?

There are up to 3 types of Prizes – Campaign Prizes (only if you hold at least an active Citi credit card) , Campaign Monthly Prizes & Daily Prizes. Below is details of prizes for this Campaign:

Campaign Prizes No. of Winners
Grand Prize – RM100,000 Cash Back 1
Second Prize – RM60,000 Cash Back 1
Third Prize – RM40,000 Cash Back 1
Total 3

Monthly Prizes Total Winners for 4 Campaign Months
Dyson V11 Absolute+ & Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete 20
Samsung Note 20 Ultra & Galaxy Bud Live 20
MacBook Pro 13” & Mac Magic Mouse 2 20
Samsung TV 65” (TU8500 4K UHD Smart TV) & Samsung Sound Bar (HW-T650) 20
Total 80

Daily Prizes Total Winners During Campaign Period
RM50 Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN 9,760 (80 Winners per day)

How many of these Prizes can I stand to win under this Campaign?

If you are shortlisted, you may only win up to one (1) Campaign Prize (should you hold at least one active Citi credit card), one (1) Monthly Prize per Campaign Month or up to four (4) Prizes throughout the Campaign Period and one (1) Daily Prize per day or up to one hundred twenty-two (122) Prizes throughout Campaign Period.

How can I win the Daily Prize?

Should your minimum accumulated spend for the day from 9am to 10pm during Campaign Period reaches a minimum of RM50 and falls under the below Winning Transaction count, you will be receiving SMS &/or email notifying that you are the Daily Prize winner..

Winning Transaction Count:

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200
210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300
310 320 330 340 350 360 370 380 390 400
410 420 430 440 450 460 470 480 490 500
510 520 530 540 550 560 570 580 590 600
610 620 630 640 650 660 670 680 690 700
710 720 730 740 750 760 770 780 790 800

If I were to be the Monthly Prize winner, which prize will I be entitled to win as there are few prizes listed under the Monthly Prize?

The monthly winner will be identified at the end of each Campaign Month. However, at the end of Campaign Period, all the Monthly Prize winners will be given a unique link for them to choose their preferred prize item. Only 20 units of prizes will be made available for each set. Winners to log in and redeem their preferred prize on first-come-first-served basis.

How the Campaign Prize will be fulfilled/rewarded to me?

The Campaign Prize winning amount will be credited into your highest active card within twelve (12) weeks from the end of Campaign Period.

Will there be any time-limit for me to utilize my Campaign Prize?

There will be no time-limit given for you to utilize the Campaign Prize, however we strongly encourage you to fully utilize the Campaign Prize within three (3) months from the date of fulfillment to avoid any card usage disruption due to large credit balance amount in your card account.

Why didn't I receive any contest entries notification when I spend?

At this point of time, there is no instant SMS/Email notification for every transaction. For the avoidance of doubt, communication to Participants shall be carried out via SMS and/or electronic direct mailer (eDM) which will serve only as indicators of the Contest Entries received by a Participant. All Participants shall be notified of their total Contest Entries earned only at the end of Campaign Period via SMS and/or E-mail.

Can my Contest Entries earned in Campaign Month 2 qualify for Campaign Monthly Prizes in Campaign Month 1?

No. Contest Entries earned within a Campaign Month shall only qualify you for prizes of the same Campaign Month. However, all contest entries earned during the campaign period from 30 October 2020 to 28 February 2021 (both dates inclusive) will qualify you for the Campaign Prizes.

Can I check how many Campaign entries I have earned to-date?

There is currently no live tracking for the contest entries. Citibank shall communicate to customers via SMS/E-mail at the end of the campaign as stated in our Terms and Conditions. This is to ensure accurate and conclusive contest entries without time lag between customers’ transactions.

I have opted not to receive marketing messages via SMS/Email notifications from Citibank. Can I still participate in this Campaign and receive such notifications?

Yes, you can still participate in this Campaign. However, you will need to update your Consent to Contact to receive marketing messages. To do this, sign-on to It may take up to 4 weeks for your request to come into effect.

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