Foreign Currency Account and Investment Products

Foreign investments are just one call away

Our foreign currency products give you access to global banking services and options to invest in foreign currencies to help diversify your investment portfolio and leverage on potential upsides. From Dual Currency Accounts to Foreign Currency Time Deposits and more, it's simply the most effective way to invest your money.

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Citibank Dual Currency Account

Dual Currency Account

  • An account for those interested in taking advantage of currency movements or requiring different currencies.
  • Competitive interest rates, with potentially higher returns than other short-term investments.
  • A wide range of currencies available.
Foreign Currency Products - Your regular income by Citibank Malaysia.

Retail Bonds

  • Access to global bond markets with multiple currencies available.
  • Ability to provide consistent returns.
  • Providing safety and stability in your investment portfolio by balancing out equity market effects.
Invest in Unit trusts with Citi

Unit Trusts

  • Create a dynamic investment portfolio with multi-currency denominated Unit Trust funds, ranging from MYR, USD, SGD and AUD.
  • Invest in various investment categories - stocks, bonds, money market instruments or cash.
Citibank Foreign Currency Time Deposit

Foreign Currency Time Deposit

  • Attractive interest from the best interest rates available.
  • Online account inquiries via Citibank or Citigold Online.
Citibank Foreign Currency Call Account

Foreign Currency Call Account

  • Available in up to 10 currencies.
Telegraphic Transfer

Telegraphic Transfer

  • Transfer funds worldwide.
  • Choose from 16 currencies.
Withdraw funds at no cost

Withdraw funds at no cost

  • Complimentary cash withdrawal in any Citibank ATM worldwide.
  • Withdraw cash in foreign currency from your Citibank Foreign Currency Account worldwide.
  • Online Banking with Citibank - Convenient and secure banking at your fingertips!