World Elite Mastercard®
Terms & Conditions (APMEA)


Your Citi Prestige® Card Program includes benefits provided by Citi® or certain third party service providers ("Service Provider"). With the Citi Prestige Card you are eligible for benefits provided through the MasterCard® World Elite® program. In order to make use of these benefits you must make the qualifying purchase with your Citi Prestige Card and your card account must be open and current.

We have the right to add, modify, or delete any Citi Prestige Card benefit, service, or feature at our discretion, at any time. Citi is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies.


Citi Prestige Cardmembers will enjoy one complimentary night with no black-out dates, when you book a minimum of four consecutive nights at any hotel booked by Citi Prestige Concierge ("Citi Prestige Concierge", is operated by a third-party service provider). Bookings made through other methods such as, travel agents, websites or directly with a hotel will not qualify.

To receive your complimentary night (via a statement credit), the name of the person booking, staying and the paying guest must be the same as the Cardmember’s name on the reservation. The primary Cardmember must:

  • Book a reservation for a minimum, consecutive four-night stay by contacting the Citi Prestige Concierge and booking directly with Citi Prestige Concierge; and
  • Fully pay for the entire stay with the Citi Prestige Card; and
  • Stay at the hotel for the entire reservation.

Citi Prestige Cardmembers will receive a statement credit to their Citi Prestige card statement based on the average nightly rate of your first four (4)-night stay in the same hotel property. For the avoidance of any doubt, taxes of any kind (including of goods and services tax (GST), value added tax (VAT) or similar taxes) will not be credited. Hotel imposed fees, including dining or resort fees and incidental guest charges are the Cardmember's sole responsibility.

Primary Cardmembers will be charged the total cost of the full stay at checkout and will receive a credit to the credit card statement as set forth above. If a Citi Prestige Cardmember books a special "pre-paid" rate this may require upfront payment in full, at time of booking. Payment in full is defined as pre-payment for all consecutive nights. If the reservation is cancelled, changed, or check-out occurs before fourth night, benefit night is forfeited and has no cash, or credit value.

All statement credits will be reflected on the Citi Prestige card statement as being a result of the Program and will appear within two billing periods following the month in which travel was completed; or in the case of promotional "pre-paid" that are paid in full as described above, rates the credit will be reflected within two billing periods following the date of payment in full of the "pre-paid" rate. Foreign exchange conversion rates may fluctuate resulting in slight differences in amount credited.

Eligibility Requirements

Only one (1) complimentary night is eligible per stay. A stay is a minimum of four (4) consecutive nights booked at the same hotel and does not include back-to back stays in the same city.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, stays in the same city must be at least seven (7) days apart between check-out and the next check-in to be eligible for another complimentary night stay.

The benefit can only be used by Citi Prestige Cardmembers.

Packaged rates, such as air and hotel, hotel and car rental do not qualify for this benefit.

This benefit cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts, including the use of corporate code discounts.

Bookings made through other methods such as, travel agents, websites or directly with a hotel will not qualify.

Cancellations and Reversals

All cancellations must be done through the designated travel advisor. If the reservation is cancelled, any statement credit relative to the offer will be reversed, based upon the eligibility and satisfaction of the terms of the offer. Citi and MasterCard reserve the right to reverse a statement credit including, and without limitation, any refunds, returns, disputes, adjustments or fraudulent card activity.

Merchant and Merchants Offers

Neither Citi nor MasterCard will be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any interaction between a Cardmember and a Merchant (a "Merchant" is a travel supplier) with respect to the Program. Except as set forth herein, all matters, including but not limited to delivery of goods and services, returns, and warranties are solely and strictly between Cardmember and the applicable Merchants, subject to applicable law. Cardmember acknowledges that Citi and MasterCard do not endorse or warrant the Merchants that are accessible through the Program, nor Merchants’ offers provided.

Cardmember Responsibilities

By consenting to the Terms, you agree that: (i) you represent only yourself here and no other person; (ii) that you are of the legal age of majority in order to enter into contracts or if you are entering into these Terms for a small business you are able to bind such entity; and (iii) you will provide accurate information to Citi and MasterCard, including, but not limited to, information required to register for the Program; and (iv) you will not use the Program for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by the Terms.

Customer Service and Contact Information

For any Program related questions contact the Citi Prestige hotline at the number located on the back of your Citi Prestige card.

Mastercard® Airport Experiences (MCAE) by LoungeKey

Lounge Access

MCAE by LoungeKey provides eligible World Elite MasterCard cardmembers (including Citibank Prestige MasterCard holders) with access to, and all of the privileges of, hundreds of premium lounges in major airports around the world. No matter what airline, what frequent flyer membership, or class of ticket bought, eligible cardmembers will enjoy all of the convenience of participating airport lounges.

Who Is Eligible:

Citi Prestige MasterCard (“Prestige Card”) cardmembers

How to use Mastercard® Airport Experiences by LoungeKey:

Before traveling, cardmembers can log on to and view a directory of airport lounges available worldwide.

Cardmembers will enjoy complimentary refreshments, newspapers/magazines, and television in the lounge. In addition, access to business facilities including phone, fax, conference and Internet facilities may be available subject to each lounge operator terms of use.

Conditions of Use

Mastercard® Airport Experiences by LoungeKey is complimentary access for the primary cardmembers only. Fee of USD32 per guest per visit for guest visits will be charged to the Citi Prestige primary cardmember’s account.

  1. The Mastercard® Airport Experiences membership is not transferable and is only valid as long as the Prestige Card is active. Any person other than the cardmember is not allowed to utilize the benefit.
  2. Admittance to a lounge is conditional upon presentation of Means of Access or Means of Access on Device together with any additional identification required by the lounge (such as passport, boarding pass).


    Means of Access means where a payment card is used as the Means of Access for the program, no point of sale transaction takes place. A charge may be made later to the cardmember’s Means of Access, if applicable and according to the terms of the benefit offered by a payment card provider.

    Means of Access on Device means use of the lounge access by presenting a Means of Access on a Customer’s smartphone, tablet or other device may require inspection by staff in the lounge, including the need for the member of staff to handle the device. LoungeKey accepts no liability for any damage caused to the device by a member of staff at a lounge location.

  3. Lounge visits are subject to per person per visit charge. Where applicable (dependent upon membership plan), all such visits, including those by accompanying guests, shall be debited to the Prestige Card cardholder's payment card by the card issuer to the cardholder in respect of his/her membership. Any changes in lounge visit charges shall be notified to the card issuer, who is responsible for advising the cardmember.
  4. Eligible cardmembers shall present the Means of Access and/or Means of Access on Device to gain admission on the lounge, cardmembers are required to inform lounge staff that they wish to enter the lounge using LoungeKey. Lounge staff will verify eligibility to enter the Lounge by checking the Means of Access visually and then electronically recording the Means of Access through a card/code reader, or otherwise entering the details into a secure system. Lounge staff will also enter the number of guests, if any, accompanying the cardmember. If requested, the cardmember must sign the card reader screen. The electronic record of the cardmember’s Means of Access will be considered valid evidence of the cardmember accessing the Lounge.
  5. While it is the responsibility of the lounge staff to ensure entry log is made on the Loungekey reader, the cardmember is responsible for ensuring the log correctly reflects their own usage and that of any guests at the time of using the lounge. Where applicable, the cardholder is responsible for retaining the 'Cardholder's' copy of the receipt presented to them at the lounge.
  6. All participating lounges are owned and operated by third party organizations. The cardholder and accompanying guests must abide by the rules and policies of each participating lounge/club. Access may be restricted due to space constraints but this will be wholly at the discretion of each individual lounge operator. The LoungeKey has no control over the facilities offered, the opening/closing times or the personnel employed by the lounges. The administrators of LoungeKey will use every endeavor to ensure the benefits and facilities are available as advertised, but LoungeKey does not warrant nor guarantee in any way that said benefits and facilities will be available at the time of the cardholder's visit. Neither is LoungeKey liable for any loss to the cardholder, or any accompanying guests, arising from the provision or non-provision (whether in whole or in part) of any of the advertised benefits and facilities. All accompanying children (where permitted) will be subject to the full guest fee. See individual lounge descriptions for further details.
  7. Participating lounges may reserve the right to enforce a maximum stay policy (usually 3-4 hours) to prevent overcrowding. This is at the discretion of the individual lounge operator who may impose a charge for extended stays.
  8. Participating lounges have no contractual obligation to announce flights and the LoungeKey shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting out of any cardholder and/or accompanying guests failing to board their flight(s).
  9. The provision of free alcoholic drinks (where local law permits) is at the discretion of each lounge operator and in some cases may be limited. In such cases, the cardholder is responsible for paying any charges for additional consumption direct to the lounge staff. (See individual lounge descriptions for details.)
  10. Telephone facilities (where available) vary from lounge to lounge and are provided at the lounge operator's discretion. Free usage is normally limited to local calls only. Telephone, Fax, Shower, Internet, Wi-Fi, Refreshment and Spa treatment charges (where applicable) are at the discretion of each lounge operator and the cardholder is responsible for paying the applicable charges direct to the designated lounge staff.
  11. Admittance to lounges is strictly subject to cardholders and any guests being in possession of a valid flight ticket for the same day of travel. Airline, airport and other travel industry employees traveling on reduced-rate tickets may not be eligible for access. Outside the US, flight tickets must be accompanied by a valid boarding pass for a departing flight, i.e. outbound passengers only. Please note some lounges in Europe are located within designated Schengen areas of the airport which means that access is only provided to these lounges if members are traveling between Schengen countries. (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.)
  12. Admittance to lounges is subject to members and any guests (including children) behaving and dressing (no shorts allowed outside of the USA) in an orderly and correct manner. Any infants or children causing upset to other users' comfort may be asked to vacate the lounge facilities. LoungeKey is not liable for any loss suffered by the member and any guests where a lounge operator has refused admission because the member and/or guests have not complied with these conditions.
  13. Any claims or issues arising out of or in connection with the lounge access should be dealt with by LoungeKey. Cardmembers with complaints relating to any lounge access should, within six months of the relevant Lounge access make a complaint via one of the channels listed. Contact LoungeKey: -
  14. Renewal terms and conditions are at the discretion of Lounge Key Ltd. Lounge Key Ltd has the right to refuse membership to people who are employed by or contracted to an airline, airport or a Government in respect of airline or airport security.
  15. The cardholder agrees that she/he will defend and indemnify the LoungeKey group of companies, its directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively 'the indemnified parties') against and hold each indemnified party harmless from all liabilities, damages, losses, claims, suits, judgments, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) for injury to or death of any person or damage to or destruction of any property arising out of the use of any lounge by the cardholder or any guests or any person in said lounge at the behest of the cardholder, except that such indemnification shall not extend to acts of gross negligence or willful misconduct by the indemnified parties.

For the full conditions of use, please visit

Citi is not responsible for any products or services offered by third parties.


The World Elite benefits are brought to Citi Prestige by Mastercard. For more information and full terms and conditions click here.

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