Global Citizen

Global Citizen

I Control My Finances From Anywhere In The World.

A global citizen like you deserves a global bank like Citibank. Supported by a multi-country presence, a suite of excellent services like online and mobile banking, and a wide network of Citigold centres and ATMs worldwide, you can be certain Citigold will always be within your reach.

With Citigold, you get global control of your finances. For example, if you are considering moving to another country, much of your life may still remain in your current place of residence. Which is why by taking care of your banking accounts, we can give you one less thing to worry about.

If you travel frequently, have residences in multiple cities or just need to send money to friends, family or business partners, you can do it easily through Citibank Global Transfer (CGT). This online service allows you to send funds instantly to other Citibank accounts in more than 23 countries.

Having multiple Citibank banking relationships across borders is now easier with our Global View of Accounts. You can see a full overview of all your account balances with us with the participating countries on a single page, simply and securely. Link every Citibank account from up to 4 participating countries to your home account. Register the accounts you wish to link once and view them all no matter where you are.

As a Citigold member, we offer you the same banking status and privileges you enjoy at home when you open a new account in your destination country. For instance if you are a Citigold member in Malaysia, then you can continue to enjoy being a Citigold member in your new country should you relocate out of Malaysia. This service is currently available exclusively for Citigold members.

As a Citigold member, you will receive a pre-approved credit card from your destination country based on your relationship with Citigold Malaysia, without having to spend time building your credit history in the destination country.

For more information, please speak to your Relationship Manager.