Pay With Points

Pay for your purchases
with your Citi card.

An SMS* will be sent to your mobile phone
number registered with Citi with a link for you to redeem.

Tap on the link and select the number of points or miles to use for your redemption.

A confirmation page will be displayed once the redemption is successful. The redemption will be reflected in your next card statement.
Pay with Points Terms and Conditions.
*A 'Pay with Points' SMS will only be sent to cardmembers who have a minimum of 5,000 rewards points or 750 PremierMiles in their account,
AND have made a minimum purchase of RM4 at participating merchants. Cardmembers will receive a maximum of two (2) SMS per merchant per card in a week. Once a redemption order(s) has been placed and accepted by Citi, it cannot be revoked, cancelled or exchanged. Points or miles that have been redeemed cannot be reinstated.
No. Rewards Points or Miles from multiple Citi Credit Cards cannot be combined to offset or make purchase(s) or transaction(s). You can only offset your purchase(s) or transaction(s) with available Rewards Points or Miles on the same Citi Credit Card.

You can refer to your monthly credit card statement or logon to then click on your Citi credit card number. Your available Rewards Points or Miles will be shown on account details screen.

The amount of Rewards Points or Miles to be deducted will be shown on the redemption screen before you proceed with redemption. You are required to verify before you confirm on your redemption.

No. Pay with Points SMS will be sent to principal cardholder. Hence, only principal cardholder can perform the redemption.

No. You can ONLY perform Pay with Points redemption within twenty four (24) hours of making a purchase.
You may logon to to find out the list of participating merchants.
No, your redemption order(s) cannot be amended or cancelled once it has been completed and accepted by us.