Always within your reach

Citibank Ready Credit

Overdraft with Debit & ATM Card

Always within your reach. 
Citibank Ready Credit. 
Overdraft with Debit & ATM Card
Citibank Ready Credit Card

Citibank Ready Credit Card

  • Cash Withdrawals - No cash advance fee
  • Online Interbank Transfer & Online bill payment - GIRO and instant transfer fee*

    *waived until further notice

Important: Discontinuation of Citibank Ready Credit

Please be informed that Citibank Ready Credit will be discontinued effective 30 June 2018. Repayment of your Citibank Ready Credit outstanding balance (if any) can continue as per the existing terms. Click here for FAQ.


Benefits at a glance:

No Charges

  • No cash advance fee for all cash withdrawals
  • No annual fee
  • Giro fee is waived until further notice


  • Overdraft with ATM / Debit card
  • No collateral or guarantor required for Ready Credit application
  • Instant access to cash from ATMs nationwide and worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Online transfer and online bill payment


  • A “pay-per-use” overdraft facility; interest will only be charged to the amount utilized on a daily basis

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

  • Monthly payment as low as 4% on outstanding balance

    The Minimum Payment is determined as follows:

    Revolving Balance (RM) Minimum Payment Due for the month
    (Effective from 31st October 2015)
    RM0 to RM60 Full Revolving Balance + 100% Monthly Instalments (if any)*
    RM60 to RM1,500 RM60 + 100% Monthly Instalments (if any)*
    Above RM1,500 4% of Full Revolving Balance + 100% Monthly Instalments (if any)*

    *For Example:
    If you have signed up for an instalment plan ie: BTI or PayLite, and the instalment amount is RM400 per month and the Full Revolving Balance is RM500 for the month, the minimum payment due would be RM460 i.e. RM60 (As Revolving Balance between RM60 to RM1500) + RM400 (100% of the monthly instalment amount)

    You can pay your Ready Credit monthly bill via any of the following methods:

    • By cash via cash deposit machine
    • By cheque
    • By online transfer (GIRO)
    • By fund transfer via MEPS Shared ATM