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Cheque Book Safety Information

Learn how to safeguard your Citibank Ready Credit cheque book.

Cheque Book Safety Information
  • Please ensure that cheques are kept in a safe and locked place.
  • Never leave cheques unattended, be it signed or unsigned cheques.
  • Do not sign a blank cheque.
  • Do not permit anyone to take your blank cheque, regardless of purpose.
  • Always ensure that no individual cheque is removed from your cheque book without your prior knowledge and approval.
  • Destroy all spoiled cheques by shredding or tearing into pieces and disposing of them accordingly.
  • When sending cheque by mail, ensure the envelope used is transparent-proof so as not to reveal the cheque when being held against any light.
  • Review regularly your unused cheque stock and reconcile your cheques paid with your bank statement. Report immediately to any Citibank Branch if there are cheque(s) missing from the cheque book, loss of cheque book, or discrepancies are found in the bank statement.

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