Citibank Ready Credit

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Citibank Ready Credit is an Unsecured Personal Overdraft with Checking Facility that allows you to access cash easily in any amount in excess of your credit balance up to the approved overdraft limit.

Top 3 reasons why Citibank Ready Credit is beneficial to you.

Citibank Ready Credit
  1. Cash with Citibank Ready Credit PayLite and repay in fixed monthly instalments up to 48 months.
  2. Save on interest with Citibank Ready Credit Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan and Citibank Ready Credit Balance Refinancing.
  3. Cash from 10,000 ATMs nationwide.

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Refinance and save with Citibank Ready Credit Balance Refinancing

Refinance your personal loans with us to enjoy more cash in hand, more convenience, and more flexibility.

How it works:


Here is an illustration of your interest savings with a RM50,000 loan amount and a reduction in your monthly repayment.


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