Spend your way
to the greatest
game on earth

Stand to win an all-expense paid trip to watch the Finals of the 2018 FIFA World CupTM . Courtesy of Visa. The campaign has now ended.

Winners List

The campaign has now ended and we'd like to thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the winners announcement.

For the full Terms and Conditions effective up to
12 January 2018, click here.

For the full Terms and Conditions effective from
13 January 2018, click here.


From now till 16th February 2018, your everyday spend could score you an all-expenses paid trip to watch a 2018 FIFA World CupTM match from the stands.

What's more you get to take home these monthly prizes.

Prize x 2

Trip for 2 to a
2018 FIFA World CupTM

Semi-Final match

+ RM7,000 Cash Back

Prize x 4

Trip for 2 to a
2018 FIFA World CupTM

Quarter-Final match

+ RM5,000 Cash Back

Monthly Prizes

1st Consolation
Prize x 10

Travel Vouchers
worth RM10,000

2nd Consolation
Prize x 50

Cash Back
worth RM1,000

How to win

Already a Citi Visa customer?

Here is how you can earn entries and score!


5 Entries

(Monday till Friday)

10 Entries

(Saturday & Sunday or on any day with Citi Visa paywave)

RM50 and above in a single receipt via Citi Visa card


20 Entries

Each criteria below:

  • Withdraw Cash Advance of RM1,000 and above via Citi Visa card
  • Update personal details of /
    - Income Documentation, or
    - Email Address, or
    - Mobile Number
  • Download and sign on to Citi Mobile App (First time user)

when you successfully
apply your first

Citi Visa card

Citi Visa card

Apply Now

when you start a

Citigold / Citi Priority


*You must also own/apply for a Citi Visa card

Apply for CitigoldApply for Citi Priority


How long will this Campaign run?

This campaign will run from 16 October 2017 till 16 February 2018.

Do I need to enrol in the Campaign to be eligible?

Yes. You are required to enrol only once during the Campaign Period with any of your Citi Visa Credit Cards (including Supplementary cards) to be automatically tracked for the purposes of tabulation of Qualifying Requirements throughout the Campaign Period.

However, please note that your Contest Entries will only be recorded starting from the Campaign Month in which you enrol. For example, if you enrol on 18 November 2017, your Contest Entries will be recorded from Campaign Month 2 onwards until end of Campaign Period.

This campaign is not eligible for Citi Ready Credit, Citi Business Signature Card (Full Corporate Liability), Citi Business Signature Card (Joint & Several Liability), Citi Travel Account, CitiBusiness Gold (Business Underwriting) Cards.

Do I need to enrol all my Citi cards to be eligible for this Campaign?

If you have multiple Citi Cards, you are only required to register one (1) of your Citi Visa Credit Card during Campaign Period. All your related Citi Visa Credit Cards including your supplementary card(s) shall be automatically tracked for purposes of tabulation of the Qualifying Requirements throughout the Campaign Period.

How do I enrol for the Campaign?

You may enrol online at www.citibank.com.my/cwc or SMS F4 to 66399. SMS enrolment is only applicable to mobile numbers of Citi cardmembers based on Citibank’s records. Standard telco charges to enrol via SMS will apply and be borne by the eligible cardmember.

How do I participate in this Campaign?

Once you have enrolled during the campaign period, you may earn Contest Entries by performing any of the Qualifying Requirements below:

Condition of Qualifying Requirement(s)

Number of Contest Entries earnable per transaction

i)  Spend RM50 and above in a single receipt via Citi Visa Credit Card (Monday till Friday)


ii)  Spend RM50 and above in a single receipt:

  1. via Citi Visa Credit Card (Saturday & Sunday); or
  2. via Visa payWave


iii)  Each criteria below:

  1. Withdraw Cash Advance of RM1,000 and above via Citi Visa Credit Card
  2. Successful submissions of:
    1. Income Documentation*
    2. Email Address
    3. Mobile Number
  3. New Citi Mobile App user (First time log-in)

*Latest 3 month’s salary slip, latest Form EA (issued within the last 12 months) or Form BE (with LHDN receipt or proof of tax paid or if self-employed, latest Form B or latest EPF statement (issued within the last 12 months); or email address; or mobile number.


iv)  Each approved applications below:

  1. New-to-Bank Visa Credit Card
  2. Supplementary Visa Credit Card
  3. Citigold account**
  4. Citi Priority account**

*Prerequisite is to own/apply for a Citi Visa Credit Card


How do I submit my income documents?
  • Step 1   : Snap a picture or scan a copy of your latest income document.
  • Step 2   : Forward this email to incomeupdate@citi.com with your latest income documents attached. Kindly include the following in the email:
    • Full Name
    • IC Number
    • Contact Number

If you have any questions, Kindly contact us at 03-2383 1100.

What are Contest Entries and what must I do to win any Prizes?

Contest Entries may get you closer to be shortlisted for a prize in this Campaign. The more Contest Entries you earn, the higher the chance of getting shortlisted as a potential winner if you can answer Q&As correctly (Please refer to Campaign Terms & Conditions for more details).

What if I cancelled my Citi Visa Credit Card during/after the Campaign period?

At the point of winner shortlisting, if all your Citi Visa Credit Card(s) account are delinquent, invalid and/or cancelled, your Contest Entries will be disqualified.

What are the total Prizes that I could win under this Campaign?

If you are shortlisted, you stand to receive a maximum of one (1) Prize throughout the Campaign Period.

How many Prizes are there to be won in this Campaign?

There will be seven (7) Campaign Grand Prizes and a total of two hundred and forty (240) Campaign Consolation Prizes throughout the Campaign Period, bringing the total of two hundred and forty seven (247) Winners.

Do I need to keep the SMS / E-mail notifications for Contest Entries that I have received?

No. The Contest Entries you have received shall be automatically tracked based on Citibank's records in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of this Campaign.

Why didn't I receive any contest entries notification when I spend?

At this point of time, there is no instant SMS/Email notification for every transaction.

Can my Contest Entries earned in Campaign Month 1 qualify for Monthly First Consolation Prizes in Campaign Month 2?

No. Contest Entries earned within a Campaign Month shall only qualify you for prizes of the same Campaign Month. However, all contest entries earned during the campaign period from 16 October 2017 to 16 February 2018 (both dates inclusive) will qualify you for the Campaign Grand Prize.

If I am one of the Monthly First Consolation Prize winner for the Travel vouchers, where can I redeem my vouchers?

If you are one of the winners, you will be given a voucher / gift card, for one-time use, to be redeemed online on Expedia’s website or as determined by Citibank’s suppliers. The terms of use for the vouchers as determined by the suppliers will prevail.

Can I check how many entries I have earned till date?

There is currently no live tracking for the contest entries. Citibank will communicate to customers via SMS/E-mail at the end of the campaign as stated in our Terms and Conditions. This is to ensure accurate and conclusive contest entries without time lag between customers’ transactions.

I have opted not to receive marketing messages via SMS/Email notifications from Citibank. Can I still participate in this Campaign and receive such notifications?

You may contact CitiPhone at 03-23830000 and choose to opt in to receive marketing messages in order to participate in this Campaign and receive SMS / E-mail notifications.