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marvellous may

17 May – 15 June 2019

marvellous may prize list
jaw-dropping june

16 June – 15 July 2019

jaw-dropping June prize list
jolly july

16 July -14 August 2019

jolly july prize list
awesome august

15 August – 13 September 2019

awesome august prize list
How To
Spend with Citi Cards
20 entries
Online transactions



Overseas transactions



(in foreign currency)

5 entries
5 entries

On all local retail purchases

For every RM50 spent

Additional 2X entries

Spend RM2,000 & above (or equivalent)

in a single receipt

Bank with Citibank
50 entries


Credit Limit


Join Citigold or Citi Priority


Citigold or

Citi Priority

Login Citi Mobile<sup>®</sup> App once a month (Consecutively for 3 months)


Citi Mobile® App

once a month

(Consecutively for 3 months)

Sign up CI Care Plus insurance plan

Sign up

CI Care Plus

insurance plan

Withdraw > RM1,000 Cash Advance with Credit Card


> RM1,000

Cash Advance with Credit Card

100 entries
Apply Citi Balance Conversion


Citi Balance


Apply Citi FlexiPayment Plan


Citi PayLite


Apply Citi Personal Loan


Citi Personal Loan

Apply Citi Quick Cash


Citi Quick Cash

Apply Citi supplementary card


Citi supplementary


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Not a Citi customer yet?
100 entries
Apply for a Citi credit card

Apply for a Citi credit card

Apply now
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17 May – 15 June 2019

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16 June – 15 July 2019

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16 July - 14 August 2019

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15 August – 13 September 2019


This campaign will run from 17 May till 13 September 2019.

Yes. You are required to enrol only ONCE during the Campaign Period with any of your Citi Cards (including Supplementary cards & Citibank Debit & ATM card) issued in Malaysia. This campaign is not eligible for Citi Ready Credit, Citi Business Signature Card (Full Corporate Liability), Citi Business Signature Card (Joint & Several Liability), CitiBusiness Gold (Business Underwriting) Cards. If you have multiple Citi Cards, you are only required to register ONE (1) of your Citi Card during Campaign Period. All your related Citi Cards including your supplementary card(s) will be automatically tracked for the purpose of tabulation of the Qualifying Requirements throughout the Campaign Period.

You may enrol online at or via SMS enrolment in accordance with the instructions as set out in Citibank’s promotional materials. Standard telco charges to enrol via SMS will apply and will be borne by the eligible cardmember.

Once you have enrolled during the campaign period, you may earn Contest Entries by performing any of the Qualifying Requirements below:

Qualifying Requirement(s) No. of Contest Entries earnable

i) Each approved applications below:

  • a.New-to-Bank Citi Credit Card**
  • b.Supplementary Citi Credit Card**
  • c.Citi Personal Loan*
  • d.Citi Quick Cash^*
  • e.Balance Conversion^*
  • f.FlexiPayment Plan^*

^Capped at 100 entries for each approved product each month
*Pre-requisite is to own a Citi credit card
**Approved and Activated


ii) Each approved applications or criteria below:

  • g.Citigold Relationship*
  • h.Citi Priority Relationship*
  • i.CI Care Plus insurance plan*
  • j.Log-in to Citi Mobile App on your IOS or Android smartphone or mobile devices***
  • k.ATM withdraw via Cash Advance of RM1,000 and above via Citi Credit Card (excluding Citibank Debit & ATM Card)
  • l.Credit Limit Increase with successful Income Information updated

*Pre-requisite is to own a Citi credit card
***Log-in once a month consecutively for 3 months (log-in will be counted from the campaign start date regardless of the enrolment date)


iii) For every RM50 spent via Citi Card(s):

  • a.Overseas transactions (in foreign currency)
  • b.Online transactions
  • c.Shell (automated fuel dispensers/kiosks nationwide)

iv) For every RM20 spent on Citi Card(s) via SamsungPay


v) For every RM50 via Citi Cards on all local retail purchases and transactions


vi) For any spend RM2,000 & above (or equivalent) in a single receipt

  • For example:Spend RM3000 (online) = RM3000/RM50= 60
    60 x 20 entries = 1200 entries
    1200 entries x additional 2X = 2400 entries
Additional 2X entries

Contest Entries may get you closer to be shortlisted for a prize in this Campaign. The more Contest Entries you earn, the higher the chance of getting shortlisted as a potential winner. Once shortlisted, you will be identified as a winner if you answer the Q&As correctly (Please refer to Campaign Terms & Conditions for more details).

At the point of winner shortlisting, if all your Citi Card(s) account are delinquent, invalid and/or cancelled, your Contest Entries will be disqualified.

There will be eighteen (18) Campaign Grand Prize, twenty-eight (28) Campaign Second Prize and three hundred and eighty-eight (388) Campaign Consolation Prizes each month, bringing the total of one thousand seven hundred and thirty-six (1,736) Prizes up for grab in this Campaign.

If you are shortlisted, you may only win up to one (1) Campaign Prize per Campaign Month or up to four (4) Prizes throughout the Campaign Period.

No. The Contest Entries you have received shall be automatically tracked based on Citibank's records in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of this Campaign.

At this point of time, there is no instant SMS/Email notification for every transaction. For the avoidance of doubt, communication to Participants will be carried out via SMS and/or electronic direct mailer (eDM) which will serve only as indicators of the Contest Entries received by a Participant. All Participants will be notified of their total Contest Entries earned only at the end of Campaign Period via SMS and/or E-mail.

No. Contest Entries earned within a Campaign Month shall only qualify you for prizes of the same Campaign Month.

There is currently no live tracking for the contest entries. Citibank will communicate to customers via SMS/E-mail at the end of the campaign as stated in our Terms and Conditions. This is to ensure accurate and conclusive contest entries without time lag between customers’ transactions.

Yes, you will need to update your Consent to Contact to receive marketing messages. To do this, sign-on to . It may take up to 4 weeks for your request to come into effect.

Alternatively you can enroll on the website