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when you invest in Unit Trusts, Market-linked Investments, Retail Bonds, Private Retirement Scheme or your first Dual Currency Account with Citibank*.

Product Investment
Reward points /
BIG points#

Unit Trusts1

Market-Linked Investments

Retail Bonds2

Private Retirement Scheme3

Every RM 100,000   150,000  
Dual Currency Account4 Every RM 500,000   80,000  

Start a Citigold or Citi Priority relationship that comes with a credit card with no annual fees^

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* Only applicable to individuals who invest in Unit Trusts (UT), Retail Bonds (RB), Market-linked Investments (MLI), Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) and/or Dual Currency Account (DCA) via face-to-face channels only. This promotion is not applicable via online channels or other channels (if any). To receive your Points or Miles, you will need to hold a primary or supplementary Citi credit card that awards you with Citi Rewards points, or a Citi PremierMiles, respectively.
1 Unit Trusts must have a sales charge of at least 2.5%, except for the following funds that must have a sales charge of at least 2.0%: RHB Smart Income Fund, Affin-Hwang Select Bond Fund MYR/USD, CIMB-Principal Bond Fund and CIMB-Principal Strategic Bond Fund.
2 Retail Bonds must have a sales charge of at least 2.0%.
3 Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) must have a sales charge of at least 2.0%.
4 Only applicable to individuals who invest a minimum of RM500,000 in a Dual Currency Account (DCA) for the first time.
^ Not applicable for Citi Prestige. Citi PremierMiles and Citi Rewards cards fee waiver is on the first 2 years only. Applications are subject to approval. A Citi Priority relationship starts with a minimum Assets Under Management (AUM) of RM100,000 to RM399,999 while a Citigold relationship starts with a minimum AUM of RM400,000 and above. AUM is a combination of investment, deposit and/or insurance products held with Citibank.
Valid till 31 March 2018.
# Citi Rewards points / AirAsia BIG points / Citi PremierMiles will be given based on the total investment amount made on each day during the promotion period. Points / Miles will not be given to investments which are cancelled during the cooling off period.
Redemption rate is at RM1 = 400 Rewards points or RM1 = 60 PremierMiles.

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Investment products are not deposits and are not obligations of, not guaranteed by, and not insured by, Citibank Berhad, Citibank N.A., Citigroup Inc. or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries, or by any government or insurance agency. Investment products are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. For any Market-linked Investments issued by Citibank Berhad, please refer to the relevant product highlight sheet for information on whether your investment is guaranteed by Citibank Berhad and insured by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM).

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