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We want you to have peace of mind with 10-minute^ home loan approval,
and make it more rewarding with up to RM20,000 cash back.

How it works

From 3 January till 30 June 2017, get cash back when you sign up for a

housing loan
cash back of the loan amount
flexihome loan
cash back of the loan amount
Mortgage customers will receive up to RM10,000* cash back
Citigold members will receive up to RM20,000* cash back

Get additional guaranteed cash back of RM2,000

when you apply at any Citibank branch nationwide.


You sign up for a Citibank Housing Loan of RM500,000.

RM500,000 x 0.65% RM3,250
Guaranteed Cash Back RM2,000
Total Cash Back RM5,250

This campaign is valid from 3 January till 30 June 2017.

The campaign is applicable for a Citibank Housing Loan or Citibank FlexiHome Loan for part-refinancing of the purchase of completed residential properties, refinancing of completed residential properties from other bank or an increase in line of the existing Citibank Mortgage (completed residential properties only).

No, this campaign is open to all customers regardless of first time buyer or not.

No, all customers can enjoy the benefits of the campaign.

The cash back is calculated at up to 0.65%* of the total loan amount subject to a cap of RM10,000 (maximum cap of RM20,000 for Citigold) with an additional guaranteed RM2,000 cash back.

To be entitled for the campaign offer, your loan must be submitted and captured in Citibank's system from 3 January 2017 onwards and accepted within 7 working days from the date of the Supplemental Letter of Approval. If the Supplemental Letter of Approval is dated between 21 June and 30 June 2017, acceptance must not be later than 11 July 2017 and the first loan drawdown must be on or before 31 December 2017.

The minimum loan amount is RM450,000. The loan approval is subject to the Bank's credit review. The rates on this loan may change according to changes in Base Rate (BR).

Typically it takes 3 to 5 working days with the condition that full documentations are provided but it may differ from a case-to-case basis.

Cash back will be credited into your Citibank Housing Loan account or Citibank FlexiHome Loan account within one month from the first loan drawdown date.

^ The 10 minutes loan approval given by the Bank for the purpose of this application is only an indicative approval. The indicative approval and eligible loan amount is derived based on the information provided by the customer via the Universal Loan Indicative Approval Application Form (ULIAAF) and is not an agreement by the Bank to provide any loan or other products/ services to the customer. Accordingly, the actual approval of the home loan including the loan amount is subject to the submission of the required full application form with supporting documentations and the Bank's credit assessment. The ULIAAF is only applicable to individual borrowers. The rates on the loan may change according to changes in the Base Rate (BR).

*The calculation of the cash back percentage is based on the product type and the total loan amount signed within the time period listed above. For the full Terms and conditions, please click here.