It only takes an instant, International money transfers in real-time

As an international bank with a network that stretches across 100 countries, we are positioned to assist you with your global banking needs.

Citibank Global Transfer (CGT) allows you to transfer funds between Citibank accounts anywhere in the world, in real-time via Citibank Online.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week
No fees or charges
Transfer up to USD25,000 per day in local or foreign currency
From 8 June till 7 September 2016, your Citibank Global Transfer transactions could get you prizes, including an Apple voucher worth RM8,000!
aeon voucher
Monthly Prize
aeon vouchers every month
For the first 50 participants to perform an outgoing CGT with a foreign currency conversion of at least RM15,000 in a single transaction, in each campaign month.
transfer now
Grand Prize
apple voucher
For the participant who has the highest accumulated outgoing CGT with a foreign currency conversion of at least RM50,000, throughout the campaign period.
transfer now

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will need to have a Checking or Savings Account and have not performed a Citibank Global Transfer in the preceding 12 months from the start of the Campaign.

No, eligible participants will be automatically registered as a Participant for this Campaign when they perform the Qualifying Transactions during the campaign period.

This Campaign will run from 8 June to 7 September 2016 (both dates inclusive).

The Campaign Period comprises of 3 Campaign Months as follows:

Campaign Month Period
1 8 June 2016 - 7 July 2016
2 8 July 2016 - 7 August 2016
3 8 August 2016 - 7 September 2016

We are giving away Monthly Prizes and a Grand Prize.

Prize Type Quantity
Monthly Prize
(50 winners per campaign month)
RM50 AEON voucher 150
(50 x 3 months)
Grand Prize
(1 winner throughout campaign period)
RM8,000 Apple voucher 1

You have to perform a Qualifying Transaction during the campaign period. Qualifying Transactions for each type of prize are:

Monthly Prize Outgoing Citibank Global Transfer with foreign exchange conversion of RM15,000 and above in a single transaction. The first 50 participants who perform a Monthly Prize Qualifying Transaction in each campaign month will be shortlisted to win the Monthly Prize.
Grand Prize Outgoing Citibank Global Transfer with foreign exchange conversion of RM50,000 and above for transactions made throughout the Campaign Period. One participant with the highest accumulated amount of Grand Prize Qualifying Transactions throughout the Campaign Period will be shortlisted to win the Grand Prize.

Citibank Global Transfer is a complimentary service for all Citibank customers who have a Citibank Online account.

Yes, the daily Citibank Global Transfer limit differs as below.

Citigold : USD 25,000
Citi Priority : USD 12,500
Citibanking : USD 12,500

At the end of the Campaign Period, each of the Shortlisted Participants for the Monthly Prize will be informed via SMS to answer a question. The Shortlisted Participants for the Monthly Prize, who successfully answer the question correctly within one day from the SMS being sent, using the same mobile phone number to which the SMS was sent, will be the winners of the Monthly Prize.

At the end of the Campaign Period, the Shortlisted Participant for the Grand Prize will be contacted by Citibank or its appointed representative up to 2 times at the latest telephone numbers as shown in Citibank’s records on any day that Citibank in Kuala Lumpur is open for business and during office hours (10.00am - 6.00pm). You will need to answer a set of up to 3 questions. If you successfully answer at least 2 of the 3 questions correctly, you will be the winner of the prize.

In the event a Shortlisted Participant for the Monthly Prize did not answer the question correctly or did not answer the question within the stipulated time, the Shortlisted Participant will be deemed disqualified from winning the Monthly Prize for that Campaign Month.

Yes, a Participant shall be entitled to receive One Monthly Prize and/or One Grand Prize throughout the Campaign Period.

The Prize(s) will be sent to the Winner’s mailing address as shown in Citibank’s records, within ten (10) weeks from the end of the Campaign Period.

Yes, Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) Rules issued by Bank Negara Malaysia are applicable for payments and investment abroad transactions. Please note that a resident individual with domestic ringgit borrowing is allowed to undertake an investment abroad of up to RM1 million equivalents in aggregate per calendar year. For more information on FEA, please visit