Same home, new look.


Refinance with Citibank Home Loan and get cash for your renovation needs

Be it the larger study room, or the new kitchen you always wanted - remortgage your loan and see the changes unfold!

Remortgage your home loan with Citibank that helps you in achieving your ideal dream home and enjoy lower interest rate at the same time.

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Convenient and time efficient.
A smarter way to save with FlexiHome Loan.
Additional cash.
Note: The final approval for refinancing with Citibank Home Loan is subject to the Bank's credit review.

110 minutes Home Loan Approval terms and conditions:
The loan approval given by the Bank for the purpose of this application is only an indicative approval. The indicative approval and eligible loan amount is derived based on the information provided by the customer via the Universal Loan Indicative Approval Application Form (ULIAAF) and is not an agreement by the Bank to provide any loan or other products/ services to the customer. Accordingly, the actual approval of the home loan including the loan amount is subject to the submission of the required full application form with supporting documentations and the Bank's credit assessment. The ULIAAF is only applicable to individual borrowers. The rates on the loan may change according to changes in the Base Rate (BR).