Planning ahead for every life stage is essential in protecting your needs and making your dreams come true. At Citibank Berhad, we’re committed to helping you build a future. Discover our comprehensive range of insurance policies to protect you and your loved ones. From Travel to Motor Insurance, Savings to Home Protection and Hospitalization plans, you’ll enjoy round-the-clock coverage with the various types of insurance options we bring to you from our partner.

Note: In view of the shift in Citi's business strategy, please be informed that this insurance plans/product distributed by Citi is currently unavailable.

  • - Elite Life
  • - Credit Shield Select
  • - Cancer Care
  • - Value Pac
  • - Level Term
  • - MRTA/ MLTA
  • - Cover Care
  • - CI Care Plus
  • - Secure Growth Premier
  • - Essential Life Care
  • - Wealth Heritage Secure
  • - Prime Care Personal Accident
  • -Wealth Enhancer

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    • Elite Life
    • Elite Life
    • Elite Life

    Elite Life

    • High coverage amount from as low as RM0.48 a day
    • Additional death benefit if death is due to accidental reasons
    • Guaranteed issuance for coverage of up to RM300,000.
    Credit Shield Select

    Credit Shield Select

    • Settles off outstanding balances in the event of an unfortunate incident.


    • Early stage cancer benefit equivalent to 30% sum assured. Cancer benefit resets to 100% a year after diagnosis date for Early Stage Cancer.
    • Cancer benefit of 100% payout of the sum assured upon plan maturity.
    • Gender specific cancer benefit of 200% sum assured.
    Value Pac


    • Gives you the flexibility to convert term insurance to whole life plan.
    Level Term

    Level Term

    • Life insurance protection up to age 80.
    • Offers coverage for Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) for your peace of mind.


    • Takes care of your mortgage should the unfortunate happens.
    • Pays outstanding loans in the event of Total Permanent Disability / Loss of Life.
    Cover Care

    Cover Care

    • A renewable personal accident policy that covers you and your family
    • Covers death and total permanent disability due to an accident
    • Also covers medical, snatch protection and accidental hospital income
    CI Care Plus

    CI Care Plus

    • Protection from diabetes-related illnesses on top of 39 critical illnesses
    • Get back 100% of the coverage amount when the policy matures
    Secure Growth Premier

    Secure Growth Premier

    • An endowment insurance plan which consists of non-participating and investment-linked component with annual guaranteed cash endowment
    • Up to 190% guaranteed maturity benefit plus account value (if any) at the end of the policy
    • Covers death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) with no lapse guarantee
    Essential LifeCare

    Essential LifeCare

    • Up to 200% payout from as low as RM1.90 per day
    • Non-participating term insurance plan which provides protection until the age of 80
    • 3 plans to choose from to suit your need
    Wealth Heritage Secure

    Wealth Heritage Secure

    • Protection up to age 80 or 100 with short-term commitment
    • Get up to 400% of the coverage for death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD) due to accident
    • Legacy planning that rewards you with additional 2% loyalty bonus and 10% loyalty booster
    Prime Care Personal Accident

    Prime Care Personal Accident

    • Suitable for 45 years old and above
    • Includes coverage for bone fractures, mobility aid equipment and traditional treatment
    • Up to RM250 daily income in the event of hospitalisation
    Motor Takaful

    Motor Takaful

    • Coverage against loss, damage or theft of your vehicle
    • All authorised drivers are automatically covered
    • Cash back when you make no claims
    • No excess for drivers above 21 years old

    PIDM Disclosure:

    For certain takaful certificates and insurance policies issued by takaful operators and insurance companies licensed under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and Financial Services Act 2013 respectively, are eligible for protection under the Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (TIPS). For details on the type of benefits eligible under the TIPS and related protection limits, please visit PIDM website ( or call PIDM toll free line at 1-800-88-1266. Alternatively, you may also obtain a copy of the TIPS brochure from our branches.

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