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We are here to help if you
anticipate difficulties in payments/repayments after your Deferment Program has ended.
Please do share the below information and we will reach out to you with further details soon.
Please note that if you are currently enrolled or have previously availed assistance and should you continue to face difficulty, you are still eligible to apply for the Repayment Assistance Program.
For more information on Repayment Assistance Program for Loans/Financing, please refer here.

*Salutation /Title

*Name (as per IC)

*IC Number/Passport Number

*Mobile Number

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*Account Number

*Reason for request

*Product Type

*Program Type

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To ensure that your request is addressed properly, please note that your Contact Number and/or email address should be registered with Citi.
You may update your personal details via Citi Mobile®App or contact our Contact Centre.
Note: For loans currently enrolled under Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) program, kindly contact AKPK directly for assistance.

Document submission for extended relief program application
Kindly attach the following document(s) below:
Extension of Deferment Program for 3 months
  • Salaried - Letter from employer/termination letter and latest EPF statement
  • Self-employed –Latest 3 months Business Bank Statement and minimum 1 month bank statement between Jan 20 to Mar 20
Reduction of monthly installment or Interest/rental payment only and/ or with extension of loan tenor
  • Salaried - Letter from employer (confirming reduction- before and after reduction) or
    • - Latest salary slip + Previous salary slip pre-reduction or
    • - Latest EPF statement
  • Self-employed - Latest 3 months Business Bank statement and minimum 1 month Business Bank Statement between Jan 20 to Mar 20

Submit the required document by attaching it here

Submit additional document(s) if any by attaching it here

Submit additional document(s) if any by attaching it here

Please upload your document files with the following criteria:

  • File format has to be either gif, jpg(jpeg) or pdf
  • Maximum of a file size is 2MB (A maximum of 5MB for 3 files)
  • File name cannot contain symbols or special characters (e.g /< > ?’:;*|,=)
  • Must be an official document.

Please keep the Reference ID as proof of submission. You may retrieve the Reference ID in the Thank You page upon application.


(For additional financial assistance)
I do hereby declare that the following is true and accurate:-
  • I declare that my income or financial wellbeing has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic:
    (Please select one option only):

    Income reduction range

  • The purpose of my declaration is for making an application to Citibank for additional financial assistance after the Deferment Program, based on my circumstances.
I declare and understand that (i) my request for additional financial assistance is subject to Citibank Berhad’s approval (which will take into consideration the loan/financing type, severity of my situation and the severity of loss of/ reduction in my income) and my acceptance of additional terms and conditions, as Citibank reasonably deems fit, (ii) if any information or documents furnished to Citibank is/ believed to be, untrue, inaccurate or misleading, Citibank reserves its rights to reject my application and/or to revoke or withdraw the financial assistance (if approved).

Terms and Condition:

  • The program is not applicable to individuals under bankruptcy charge.
  • The Bank must receive the complete documentation for each such request to be assessed on a case-to case basis.
  • This program is to support and ease our customers burden during these troubled times. If the supporting documentation or information provided to the Bank is untrue, incorrect or inaccurate, the Bank reserves the right to revoke/withdraw the Reduction of Monthly Instalment or Interest /rental payment (as the case may be) offered to the customer.
3-month Deferment of Payment/Instalment Program
  • The 3-month Deferment Program is for a period of three (3) months and is available to all Citi customers with Citi loan/financing facility, provided that the loan/financing facility is not in arrears exceeding 90 Days Past Due at the time of this request.
  • The 3-month Deferment Program is applicable for selected products i.e. Citi Instalment Loans, Unsecured Term Loans, Ready Credit, Mortgage Loan/Financing and/or Overdraft products only.
  • The 3-month Deferment Program is only available to customers who became unemployed or lost their monthly income in year 2020 and remain unemployed and/or without any monthly income (as the case may be) as at the date of application.
  • During the 3-month Deferment Program, interest will be charged and accrued but will not be compounded. As a result, the interest cost/finance charges payable during the tenure of your loan will be higher.
Reduction of Monthly Instalment or Interest/rental payment Program
  • Reduction in monthly instalments for a period of 6 months may be extended to the eligible customers for the following products:-
    • Citi Instalment Loans;
    • Unsecured Term Loans;
    • Mortgage Loan/ Financing Products.
  • For Citi Instalment Loans and Unsecured Term Loans, a 50% reduction of monthly instalment will be granted for the period of 6 months. A tenor extension will be granted to provide for the repayment of the deferred instalment amount and interest thereon. The monthly instalment will remain unchanged, i.e. the contracted amount during the origination of the loan.
  • For Mortgage Loan/Financing and Overdraft products, customers will be required to pay interest/rental payment only and/or with extension of loan tenor for a period of 6 months. This program is NOT applicable to Citibank Home Financing-i product and amortizing and amortizing revolving mortgage/ overdraft accounts with utilisation amount in excess of the approved limit.
  • Principal loan/ financing amount deferred during the 6 months will be added into the loan/ financing account for re-computation of monthly installment/ payment at the end of 6 months (in this case the monthly installment/ payment will be revised upwards after 6 months) based on your remaining loan/ financing tenure.

  • For full Terms and Conditions of the Repayment Assistance Porgram, please refer here .