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Citi Quick Cash
Instant peace of mind

Count on your Credit Card to get the cash you need, anytime

Turn your credit into cash

Get cash quickly when you need it

Get cash amount up to your available credit limit
in a few taps.

Cash on your terms

Apply anytime on your smartphone and repay with
plans up to 60 months.*

Simple and Hassle-free

No documents required and no hidden fees.

*Subject to individuals’ eligibility

Get an instant Citi Quick Cash quote

How much Quick Cash would you like to take?

RM 1,000
RM1,000 RM250,000
Available repayment plans Est. RM 174 /month for 6 months Est. RM 91 /month for 12 months Est. RM 49 /month for 24 months Est. RM 35 /month for 36 months Est. RM 28 /month for 48 months Est. RM 24 /month for 60 months *The calculation above is an illustration based on Effective Interest Rate = 14.9%. Your entitled interest rate and tenure is subjected to individuals’ eligibility.

How to get Citi Quick Cash


Watch the video to learn how.
It’s simple, easy and fast!


Get the cash you need, anytime with Citi Quick Cash.

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How others are using Citi Quick Cash

Quick Fix

Once Gavin and Ann bought their first home, they decided to build their dream house with the help of Quick Cash.

Quick Relief

Sarah was so glad her grandpa’s back in good health. He received the best treatment possible with Quick Cash.

Quick Recharge

Joe needed a quick break from the hustle and bustle of life. With Quick Cash, he booked himself a solo trip to relax and recharge.

Apply via Citi Mobile® App to enjoy easy conversions

You can also access Citibank Online here
              or contact CitiPhone

Terms & Conditions and Product Disclosure Sheet

Click here to view Citi Quick Cash Terms and Conditions
Click here for Citi Quick Cash Product Disclosure Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my cash?

    You will receive your fund within 3 business days after your application is approved.

  • How can I know that I can apply for this feature?

    You are eligible for Citi Quick Cash if there is Citi Quick Cash option available in your Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online.

  • What is the maximum amount that I can request?

    The maximum amount that you can request is subject to eligibility. You can check your eligible cash amount via Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online.

  • Can I cancel or opt for early settlement for my Citi Quick Cash?

    Yes, but there will be an early termination fee of 5% from your remaining outstanding balance.

  • Can I apply Citi Quick Cash when I'm under temporary credit limit increase?

    No, you can't apply Citi Quick Cash while having temporary credit limit increase.