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Citi FlexiBill

Stretch it


Split your payments and manage your Citi credit card

          repayments from the safety of your home

Big months paid your way


Convert your statement into instalments equally every month


Choose your repayment plan for up to 60 months.


Convert your purchase instantly with your Citi Mobile® App, no documents required

Calculate your monthly instalments

How much would you like to take?

RM 1,000
Available repayment plans
Est. RM 174 /month for 6 months
Est. RM 91 /month for 12 months
Est. RM 49 /month for 24 months
Est. RM 35 /month for 36 months
Est. RM 24 /month for 60 months
*The calculation above is an illustration based on Effective Interest Rate = 14.9%. Your entitled interest rate and tenure is subjected to individuals’ eligibility.

How others are using Citi FlexiBill


Sam chose to send her son to the best school, even if the expenses are high. She can afford to with Citi FlexiBill.


Jen finally crossed Japan off her travel list. With Citi FlexiBill, she made it happen and enjoyed her trip to the fullest.

Festive buys

Kevin’s bill from festive shopping was high but it was well spent. Plus, he didn’t need to worry about it after he applied for Citi FlexiBill.

Apply via Citi Mobile® App to enjoy easy conversions

You can also access Citibank Online here
              or contact CitiPhone

Terms & Conditions and Product Disclosure Sheet

Click here to view Citi FlexiBill Terms and Conditions
Click here for Citi FlexiBill Product Disclosure Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any minimum amount to convert?

    Yes, you can convert your statement balance of a minimum of RM1,000.

  • Can I convert my full statement balance into instalments?

    The maximum eligible amount for conversion is your total statement balance after deducting the Minimum Payment, excluding all cash and cash based transactions, instalment amounts payable under other Citibank programs such as Citibank Easy Pay Plan (EPP), Citi PayLite, Citi Quick Cash, annual fees, carry forward balances and other fees and charges.

  • Can I cancel or opt for early settlement for my Citi FlexiBill?

    Yes, but there will be an early termination fee of 5% from your remaining outstanding FlexiBill instalment balance.