Register of Insured Deposits

Register of Insured Deposits

Register of Insured Deposits (Conventional) Click here to PIDM homepage

No Product Name Product Code Deposit Type Currency
1. Basic Checking Account 0217CR0100000004 Demand Deposit RM
2. Basic Savings Account 0217CR0200000002 Savings Deposit RM
3. Checking Account 0217CR0100000005 Demand Deposit RM
4. Citibank Time Deposit 0217CR0300000002 Fixed Deposit RM
5. Corporate Current A/C – Cash Management Account 0217CR0100000007 Demand Deposit RM
6. Corporate Current A/C – Foreign Currency 0217CF0100000001 Demand Deposit Foreign
7. Corporate Current Account - Ringgit 0217CR0100000002 Demand Deposit RM
8. Corporate Time Deposit - Ringgit 0217CR0300000001 Fixed Deposit RM
9. E-Account 0217CR0100000008 Demand Deposit RM
10. Foreign Currency Call Account 0217CF0200000001 Savings Deposit Foreign
11. Foreign Currency Time Deposit 0217CF0300000001 Fixed Deposit Foreign
12. Hi-Save Savings Account 0217CR0200000001 Savings Deposit RM
13. Margin Trading Account (MTA) 0217CR0100000011 Demand Deposit RM
14. Max Yield Account 0217CR0100000006 Demand Deposit RM
15. Mortgage Deposit Account 0217CR0100000012 Demand Deposit RM
16. Overdraft secured by Time Deposit (ODTD) 0217CR0100000010 Demand Deposit RM
17. Overnight Account 0217CM0100000001 Demand Deposit RM & Foreign
18. Portfolio Power 0217CR0100000009 Demand Deposit RM
19. Premium Checking Account 0217CR0100000003 Demand Deposit RM
20. Savings Account 0217CR0200000003 Savings Deposit RM
21. Step-Up Interest Account 0217CR0100000001 Demand Deposit RM
22. USD Checking Account 0217CF0100000003 Demand Deposit Foreign
23. Wholesale Money Market Deposits (WMMD) 0217CR0700000001 Short Term Deposit RM
24. Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account 0217CR0200000004 Savings Deposit RM

Register of Insured Deposits (Islamic)

No Product Name Product Code Deposit Type Currency SHARIAH CONTRACT
1. Citibank Checking Account-i 0217IR0100200001 Demand Deposit RM Qard
2. Citibank Corporate Current Account-i 0217IM0100200001 Demand Deposit RM & Foreign Qard
3. Citibank Islamic Savings Account-i 0217IR0200200001 Savings Deposit RM Qard
4. Commodity Murabahah Deposit 0217IR0600300001 Commodity Murabahah RM Murabahah
5. Commodity Murabahah Deposit 0217IF0600300001 Commodity Murabahah Foreign Murabahah