Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started

I have just received my Citi Rewards Platinum Card. How do I learn more about the card’s features and benefits?

A. To start, create a Citibank account through one of these channels:
i. Mobile App
  Download the Citi Mobile app on your smartphone to create your account, OR
ii. Citibank Online
  Sign up for your Citibank Online account at
B. View your starter kit with step by step instructions on how to get rewarded using your Citi Rewards Platinum Card.
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Special Welcome Offer

How do I get the 20,000 Welcome Rewards points and how will I know it has been credited into my account?

i. You need to make RM2,000 in retail purchases with your new card within 60 days from card approval date.
ii. And the 20,000 Rewards points will be shown within your next 2 monthly statements.
Note: This offer is only applicable to new principal Citibank cardmembers as well as existing cardmembers applying for an additional principal card.
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Rewards Categories

What is a Rewards category?

The Rewards Platinum Card comes with different categories to suit your lifestyle, each with their own unique 5X Rewards points, automatic protection and bonus coupons.

The Rewards categories are:

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How many Rewards categories can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to as many categories offered by Citibank.

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How do I subscribe to a Rewards category?

i. Not yet a cardmember?
  You may subscribe to your desired categories by making your selection on the application form or at the Rewards Platinum Card microsite here.
ii. Already a cardmember?
  There are 3 ways to change your selected Rewards categories:
1. Through Citibank Online – click here for a demo video
2. Through the Citi Mobile App – click here for a demo video
3. By calling our 24/7 CitiPhone banking service at 03 2383 0000
You can also make changes to your subscribed categories via these methods any time and the changes will take effect immediately.
Note: Please refer to Rewards Platinum Card T&C for details.
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How long is a Rewards category subscription period?

The subscription period for a Rewards category starts from the date you add the category and ends on your card anniversary date.
Your subscription will automatically be renewed unless you make a change via one of the methods mentioned in the previous question (How do I subscribe to a Rewards category, point ii).
Card anniversary date means the date the first statement of account is issued to you for your Citi Rewards Platinum Card.
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5X Rewards Points

How do I earn the 5X accelerated Rewards points?

Just begin spending at participating merchants that are under your selected Rewards categories.

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Where can I find the list of merchants for all the Rewards categories?

merchant list
Note: 5X Rewards points earning only applies to spend at the merchants listed above in Malaysia.

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Do I earn the 5X Rewards points immediately?

Yes. Unless stated otherwise with notification from Citibank.

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Can a supplementary cardmember earn the 5X Rewards points too?

Yes, when they spend at participating merchants that are under their selected Rewards categories. These points will be automatically pooled with the principal cardholder's account and can be redeemed by the principal cardholder.

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Do I get any Rewards points if I spend on categories that I have not subscribed to?

Yes, you will still earn 1 Reward point for every RM1 for all retail transactions other than petrol transactions.

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Is there a cap to earning the 5X Rewards points?

Yes. For the Travel category, the 5X points earning is limited to a yearly cap of RM12,000.
For all other categories, the 5X points earning is limited to a monthly cap of RM1,000.
Any spending beyond these caps will have a 1X points earning with the exception of the Driving category which will earn no points after the monthly cap is exceeded.
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Where can I check my Reward points that I have accumulated so far?

All accumulated Rewards points earned will only be shown in the Principal cardmembers’ account statement which can be viewed/accessed through the following channels:

i. Monthly e-Statement or physical statement
ii. CitiPhone Banking by calling 03-2383 0000.
iii. Citibank Mobile App
  logon to your account via the Citibank Mobile app.
iv. Citibank Online
  logon to your account at
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Rewards Points Redemption

How can I utilise my Rewards points?

Use your Rewards points:

i. For Instant Rewards at Citibank’s participating merchants.
ii. To offset purchases even after you have paid for it.
iii. To redeem gifts, air tickets or cash vouchers via the Rewards Catalogue.
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How do I offset purchases using my Rewards points?

After making a purchase, simply call our 24/7 CitiPhone banking service at 03-2383 0000 and request for that purchase to be offset.

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Can supplementary cardmembers also redeem Rewards points?

No. Rewards points accumulated by the supplementary cardmember can only be redeemed by the principal cardmember.

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Is there a minimum amount of points required to redeem my Rewards points?

No minimum amount of Rewards points is required, unless a redemption is made under “Redeem Anything, Anywhere”
For redemptions made under “Redeem Anything, Anywhere” , the minimum amount is RM200 per transaction.
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Can I make a partial redemption if I do not have enough Rewards points?

Yes. Partial redemption is allowed. If you do not have enough Rewards points, the balance will be charged to your card.

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Can I redeem my Rewards points even though I did not earn them under the selected Rewards categories during redemption?

Yes. As long as you have accumulated enough Rewards points, you may redeem your points any time.

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What is the subscription fee for each Rewards category?

Each category is charged a fee of RM106 (including 6% GST) per annum.
This fee will appear on your annual statement.
For example, if you have subscribed to 3 Rewards categories, you will see an annual fee of RM318
(including 6% GST) billed to your annual statement.
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What if I add a new Rewards category before the end of the subscription year? Do I still need to pay the full RM100?

No. If you add a category before the subscription year ends, you will only be charged for the remaining months of the year.
For example, if you add 1 category 6 months into your subscription year, you will only be charged
for the 6 remaining months of the year which is RM50. (6/12 x RM100 = RM50)
This pro-rated fee will appear in your next statement.
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Can I remove a Rewards category before the subscription year ends?

Yes. However, as you have already paid for the subscription fee, we recommend that you continue subscribing until it expires because no refund will be given.

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How do I enjoy complimentary Rewards categories?

For every RM15,000 you spend annually on your principal card, the fee for 1 category will be waived the following year. Refer to the table below for a more detailed breakdown.
complimentary rewards categories

  For Citigold cardmembers  

Once a total annual spend of RM45,000 has been met, the third category’s annual fee for the following year will be waived. The next block of RM15,000 total annual spend will then waive the subsequent category. Refer to the table below for a more detailed breakdown.

  For CGOL cardmembers  

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Are there any annual fees for supplementary cards?

No, there is no annual fee regardless of the number of categories subscribed to by the principal cardmember.

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