Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

Effective 1 June 2018, the standard-rated Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be revised from 6% to 0%. Except for items marked with # (exempt supplies), the fees and charges below are inclusive of 0% GST.

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Ready Credit

Types of Charges Amount / Rate Remarks
1) New cheque book RM7.50# per cheque book of 50 leaves
2) Card Issuance Fee RM8.00 for new CRC VISA or Mastercard Debit & ATM Card
3) Card replacement fee RM8.00# for replacement of lost/damaged CRC VISA or Mastercard Debit & ATM Card
4) Cheque processing fee RM0.50 per cheque cleared Effective from 2nd Jan 2015
5) Stop payment instruction RM10.00 per instruction
6) Dishonoured cheque (due to insufficient funds) RM100# per dishonoured cheque
7) Interbank GIRO outgoing transaction fee RM 0.10 per transaction via Citibank Online and Citi Mobile

Notice: This will be waived (effective 24th March 2015) until further notice
8) Instant Interbank Fund Transfer fee RM 0.30 per transaction via Citibank Online and Citi Mobile

Notice: This will be waived until further notice
9) Overseas transaction fee (CRC VISA Debit & ATM Card transactions only) 1%# on local currency equivalent of overseas transacted amount

Effective from 24th June 2013:

If a transaction is made in foreign currency, the transaction will be converted into Ringgit Malaysia using US Dollars as the base currency on the date on which the transaction is received and processed by Citibank and/or VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide or the relevant Card Payment Network ("Payment Network").

The currency conversions will be based on Citibank's prevailing foreign exchange rate and/or an exchange rate determined by the relevant Payment Network.

This currency conversion will include any charges levied by the Payment Network for overseas transactions and a 1%# foreign exchange conversion markup by Citibank on the converted Ringgit Malaysia amount, or such other rate as determined by Citibank and notified to you.

10) ICC network fee RM 10.00 for every successful withdrawal overseas at non Citibank ATM
11) Inward returned cheque RM 1.70 postage
12) MEPS Shared ATM withdrawal and transfer charges RM4.00 is charged for every successful withdrawal or RM0.50 for every successful transfer at MEPS Shared ATMs nationwide
13) MEPS Interbank Fund Transfer at Citibank ATM RM 0.16 per transaction Notice: This will be waived until further notice
14) Cheque book delivery fee RM 2.50 postage
15) Citibank Ready Credit - Early Termination Fee RM200# will be imposed if termination of CRC account is performed within 12 months from date of Welcome Letter
16) Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan (BTI) - Early Settlement Fee RM100# early settlement fee will be imposed on each BTI if cancellation is performed before reaching half of the BTI tenure committed
17) Paper Statement Fee RM 1.00 Per monthly statement