Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

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Loans & Financing

Types of Charges Amount / Rate Remarks
1) Late Payment Fees
Consumer Loans/ Financing 1% p.a. on amount past due x (number of days past due/365 days) for term loans/financing on monthly basis.
Corporate Loans 1% Penalty interest
2) Default interest rate
Housing Loan / FlexiHome Loan / Shophouse Loan One per cent (1%) per annum above the prevailing interest rate shall be chargeable on the outstanding amount upon 3 months loan instalment past due This default interest shall be payable on demand
Homecredit / Mortgage Power / Business Power Six point six five percent (6.65%) per annum above the base rate shall be chargeable on the outstanding amount if your account is 3 months past due This default interest shall be payable on demand
3) Processing Fees
a) RM 25,000 (Low Cost) and below Waived
b) Above RM 25,000 to RM30,000 RM50.00 currently waived
c) Above RM 30,000 to RM100,000 RM100.00 currently waived
d) Above RM100,000 RM200.00 currently waived
4) Early Termination Fee Fee: Up to 3% of total original loan/financing amount.
The holding period is up to 3 years from date of full drawdown.
For Partial and Zero Cost cases, in the event you abort / terminate / cancel the loan/ financing at anytime during the period between the acceptance of the Letter of Approval and disbursement of the loan/ financing, you are required to reimburse us for the fees and expenses incurred by us in the preparation of the security documentation.
5) Overdrawn Line Fees Six point six five per cent (6.65%) per annum above the base rate of the overdrawn amount
6) Other Charges (Ad-hoc Basis)
(i) Security documents retrieval RM10.00 for each document Photocopy of security documents
(ii) Courier Charges RM10.00 per request Documents couriered to customers.
(iii) Letter of confirmation for EPF withdrawal RM10.00 per statement with maximum charges of RM20.00 per request.
(iv) Redemption statement RM50.00 per request Only applicable to home loan / financing (for individuals)
(v) Additional loan/ financing statement RM5.00 per statement
(vi) Statement on yearly interest for overdraft account. RM5.00 per statement Statement to confirm yearly interest charged on OD a/cs for tax purposes.
7) Account Set-up Fee RM200.00 per account (one time fee)
8) Commitment Fees on Unutilised Funds Up to 1.00% p.a. of the unutilised overdraft line, debited into account monthly, for overdraft line above RM250,000. No commitment fee for overdraft line RM250,000 and below. Exception for:
1) Term Loan or Personal OD up to RM 250,000

2) OD with rates prescribed by BNM and loans under CGC or Bumi Community for business purposes

3) Not applicable for Homecredit
9) Transaction Fees RM2.00 per cheque After a maximum of 10 cheque transactions per month for Citibank Homecredit and 30 cheque transactions for Citibank Business Power.
10) Citibank Debit & ATM Card
  • New Application
  • Replacement of Lost or Damaged
  • Renewal fee
RM8.00 per card
11) Cheque book RM7.50 per cheque book of 50 leaves
(RM0.15 per leaf)
A processing fee of RM0.50 per leaf will be imposed with effect from 2 January 2015.
12) Local Managers Cheque (MC)
RM2.00 Per cheque issuance
RM0.15 Stamp duty per cheque issuance
RM0.50 Processing fee per cheque issuance (Effective 2 January 2015)
13) Collections - Delinquent accounts
  • Legal fees
Actual cost charged to customer
  • Valuation fees
  • Auctioneer fees
  • Real Estate Agent fees
14) Ready Credit
New cheque book RM7.50 per cheque book of 50 leaves
Card replacement fee RM8.00 for replacement of lost/damaged CRC VISA Debit & ATM
Stop payment instruction

RM10 per instruction if sufficient fund

RM100 per instruction if insufficient fund

Dishonoured cheque (due to insufficient funds) RM100 per dishonoured cheque
Interbank GIRO outgoing transaction fee
  • Via Citibank Online
RM0.10 per transaction
  • Via Citi Mobile
RM0.10 per transaction
Overseas transaction fee (CRC VISA Debit & ATM Card transactions only) 1% on local currency equivalent of overseas transacted amount
ICC network fee RM10 for every successful withdrawal overseas at non Citibank ATM
Inward returned cheque RM1.70 postage
MEPS Shared ATM withdrawal charges RM4 is charged for every successful withdrawal or transfer at MEPS Shared ATMs nationwide
Cheque book delivery fee RM2.50 postage
Citibank Ready Credit - Early Termination Fee RM200 or 3% of the outstanding balance in CRC account, whichever is higher, will be imposed if termination of CRC account is performed within 12 months from the date of welcome letter
Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan (BTI) - Early Settlement Fee RM 100 early settlement fee will be imposed on each BTI if cancellation is performed before reaching half of the BTI tenure committed