Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

All Fees and Charges shown below are inclusive of 6% GST (levied where applicable effective 1 April 2015), except for those marked with #, where you are not required to pay GST.

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Corporate Account Services

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Payment Services

Note: For Manually Initiated Fund Transfer Instructions an additional service fee of RM15.90 / USD 5.30 per payment applies. This is not applicable for instructions via CitiDirect Online Banking and Commercial Banking Portal.

Products Charges Important Notes

Outgoing MYR Electronic Fund Transfer (Domestic Transfer)

Payment issuance

RENTAS MYR 5.30 per payment
Interbank GIRO

MYR 0.10 per payment

All payments MYR 10,000 and above are sent via RENTAS. Lower value payments are sent via GIRO.
Outgoing Foreign Currency Electronic Fund Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer)
Payment issuance - charge mode SHA or BEN MYR 31.80 / USD 10.60 per payment For charge mode BEN or SHA, correspondent bank charges are for the account of beneficiary.
Payment issuance - charge mode OUR:
  • Full Value Transfer (FVT) for USD
MYR 100.70 / USD 31.80 per payment FVT is applied for all USD charge mode OUR payments. Charge is inclusive of issuance fees and regular correspondent bank charges.
  • Charge OUR for all currencies
MYR 47.70 / USD15.90 per payment For charge mode OUR payments without FVT, correspondent bank charges are collected as billed.
Bank Drafts
Payment Issuance
  • MYR Drafts
MYR 2.12 per draft

Notice: A processing fee of RM0.53 per cheque will be imposed with effect from 2 January 2015
Additional postage charges applicable.
  • Foreign Currency Drafts
MYR 10.60 per draft
Electronic In-house Transfer Free of charge
Standing Instructions Setup MYR 8.48 per instruction Charges by payment type apply for each payment issued.
Payment Cancellation
  • Recall of Electronic Funds Transfer
MYR 37.10 per payment Cables charges for recall of funds.
  • House Cheque & Bank Draft in MYR
MYR 10.60 per draft For Bank Draft, if the original draft is not returned, an additional charge of MYR 10.00 stamping fee (of the Letter of Indemnity).
  • Bank Draft in Foreign Currency
MYR 21.20 per draft
Receivables Services
Products Charges Important Notes
Incoming Fund Transfers
  • via GIRO (MYR)
  • via RENTAS (MYR)
Free of charge
  • via Telegraphic Transfers
Cheque Deposits
Local (MYR) Cheques Free of charge
Foreign Currency Cheques:
  • Drawn on bank domiciled in the country of the currency (e.g. USD cheque drawn on a bank in U.S.A.)
MYR 10.60 per cheque
  • Drawn on a bank domiciled in a country other than the domicile country of the currency (e.g. AUD cheque drawn on a bank in USA)
MYR 53.00 per cheque Additional postage charges may apply for cheque sent for collections.
Cash Deposits (Over the Counter)
  • Cash Deposit
MYR 2.12 per deposit Free for first and second deposits per day, MYR 2.12 for each subsequent deposit
  • Bulk Cash Handling (for MYR10,000 and above)
MYR 10.60 per 1,000 pieces Prorated and applicable to notes and coins
Account Services
Products Charges Important Notes
Online Banking Platforms:
  • Commercial Banking Portal
Free of charge www.asia.citibank.com
  • CitiDirect® Online Banking
MYR 318.00 per month www.citidirect.com
Corporate Account Statements:
  • Electronic Statement
Free of charge Online Statement and Email Statements.
  • Paper Statement
MYR 21.20 per statement Inclusive of regular mail postage.
  • Re-print of Statement or Advice
MYR 5.30 per page
Cheque Book (50 leaves) MYR 21.20 per book

Notice: A processing fee of RM0.53 per cheque will be imposed with effect from 2 January 2015
Regular domestic courier charge included.
Returned Cheque MYR 100.00# per cheque Returned due to insufficient funds.
Audit Confirmation
  • Account Balances
MYR 21.20 per account
  • Facility Balances
MYR 106.00 per company
Dormant Account MYR 159.00 per month Accounts inactive more than 180 days
Account Closure Fee MYR 392 per account (or equivalent to USD106/-) Not applicable to SME clients as defined by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Key Notes:

This schedule is effective 1st April 2015 and provided for reference purposes. Kindly contact CitiService via email at malaysia.citiservice@citi.com or 03-2383 1111 03-2383 1111 (KL), 04-818 1555 04-818 1555 (PG) or 07-267 8888 07-267 8888 (JB) for any inquiry.