Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

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Types of Charges Amount / Rate Remarks
1) Deposit Accounts
Checking Account-i RM15.00 When monthly average balance is below RM5,000.00
2) Dormant Account - Basic Checking RM10.00 Per year if account balance is above RM10.00
If balance is below RM10.00, account will be closed and balance is absorbed.
3) Early Closure of Account RM10.00 If account is closed within 3 months from account opening
4) Cheque Books RM7.50 (RM0.15 per leaf)

Notice: A processing fee of RM0.50 per leaf will be imposed
50 leaves per cheque book for Checking accounts.
5) Interbank local currency via RENTAS
i) Outgoing
Over the counter


Per transaction
ii) Incoming NIL Not available
6) Inward returned cheques on insufficient Funds RM100.00 For every returned cheque
7) Inward Return
cheques on staled NIL NIL
dated cheque RM1.30 Postage charge
8) Outward Return cheques NIL Not available
9) Unsuccessful Standing Instruction due to insufficient fund RM5.00 Per transaction
10) One time fund transfer via GIRO
- Over the counter Complimentary Per transaction
11) -Foreign Currency Call A/C USD10.00 or equivalent When monthly average balance is below USD3,000 or its equivalent

Charges for ad-hoc services

1) Stop Payment Instruction RM10.00
Per instruction with sufficient funds
Per instruction with insufficient funds
2) Bank Draft
i) Draft RM5.00
RM 0.15
RM 1.20 - RM 2.10
Per draft for all WORLDLINK drafts
Stamp duty
ii) Cancellation of Draft NIL No charge
iii) Stop Payment of Draft
Per draft
Commission fee per Letter of Indemnity
Stamp Duty Per Letter of Indemnity
iv) Retrieval / Photocopy of Drafts USD10.00 Per draft for WORLDLINK drafts
3) Managers Cheque (MC)
i) Local Managers Cheque RM2.00
Per cheque
Stamp duty per cheque
Processing fee per cheque
ii) Stop Payment of MC RM10.00
Commission fee per Letter of Indemnity
Stamp duty per Letter of Indemnity
iii) Cancellation of MC RM2.00 Per cheque with presentation of physical cheque required - except for MIH & MIDF issuance
4) Telegraphic Transfer
i) Outgoing TT
Over the counter


Per transaction
ii) Incoming TT NIL Per transaction
5) Request for statement RM5.00 Per account per month
6) Request for Letter of reference RM10.00 Per request
7) Foreign Against Foreign Charges 1.50% of amount involved For foreign currency notes bought / sold against another foreign currency notes
8) Foreign currency cheque clearing for amount > RM 100,000 RM10.00
RM1.30 - RM2.10
Commission per cheque
Various Postage charges

Online Banking

1) Interbank Local Currency via RENTAS RM 5.00 Per transaction
2) One Time Funds Transfer via GIRO RM 0.10 Per transaction


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