COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support

In line with the recent Budget 2021 announcement, Citi remains committed to extend the targeted repayment assistance measures to support our customers in the B40 and M40 group. These measures will be made available to eligible customers from 23 November 2020. Please submit your application here.

If you are a M40 customer, please note that the enrolment period for Expanded Targeted Repayment Assistance Program has ended on 31 December 2020.

For more information on Expanded Targeted Repayment Assistance Program for B40, M40 and Microenterprises, please refer here.

Loan Repayment Flexibility for Customers Affected by Covid-19

Citi will provide targeted moratorium extension and provision of repayment flexibility for the following:

Reason for Loan repayment restructure & reschedule request Applicable Products Program Type
Loss of job  All products (except Credit Cards) Extension of Loan Moratorium (“Deferment Program”) for 3 months (applicable for all Citi Instalment Loans and Unsecured Term Loans, Ready Credit, Mortgage Loan/Financing and Overdraft products)
Income reduction Citi Instalment Loans and Unsecured Term Loans Reduction of monthly loan instalment by 50% (applicable for Citi Instalment Loans and Unsecured Term Loans)
Mortgage Loan/Financing and Overdraft products (except Citibank Home Financing-i product, Amortizing Revolving Mortgage and Overdraft Loans) Interest/rental payment and optional extension of loan tenor (applicable for Mortgage Loan/Financing)
All products
(except Credit Cards)
Rescheduled or Restructured repayment plan (applicable for all Citi Instalment Loans and Unsecured Loans, Ready Credit, Mortgage Loan/Financing and Overdraft products)

Please submit your application here.

For more information on Repayment Assistance Program for Loans/Financing, please refer here.

Loan Tenor Extension for existing Mortgage customers upon expiry of 6-month Deferment Programme for Mortgage Loan/ Financing and Overdraft Products

Should you foresee any difficulty in resuming your existing monthly mortgage loan/ financing and overdraft payments/repayments and would like to have a lower monthly loan repayment, please submit your request for a loan tenor extension for a period of 6 months to us.

Submit your request here.

Financial Relief

In these unprecedented times, we realize that many of our treasured customers might find themselves in a challenging situation.

In line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s announcement on efforts by financial institutions to assist individuals and SMEs to manage the impact of the COVID -19 outbreak, Citi is offering a series of financial relief program for our valued customers, effective 1 April 2020.

Key highlights of this program:-

  • Eligible customers will not need to make any payments for 6 months (from April to September 2020) for eligible Citi products, and there will be no late fees or penalty charges imposed.
  • Citi will not compound interest for eligible deferred loan / financing amount.
  • We have prepared a set of FAQs that includes what the deferment covers, whether you qualify and the impact this has on your future repayments. Please do take the time to read these carefully and should you still have questions, please contact our Contact Centre.

For more details, please click here (+)

For information on payment/ repayment options available to assist you upon the expiry of the Citibank Financial Relief Measures, please refer here.

For your safety, please continue to stay home. Do keep a lookout for our SMS notifications to facilitate arrangements for the above program. Should you need to discuss, we’ll be able to support you online or by phone. Also, do check out our self-help feature on the Citi Mobile® App and Citibank Online.

Stay Safe and Bank Smart

Credit Card Relief Conversion Plan

The enrolment period for this program has ended on 31 December 2020. Should you require any financial assistance, please reach out to Citibank Contact Centre.

Click here to refer to the Relief Conversion Plan Product Disclosure Sheet and here for the Terms and Conditions.

Branch Update

The well-being of our employees and customers remain our top priority. We continue to monitor developments closely and have put in place precautionary measures during this period.

For your safety and the safety of others, we encourage customers and visitors who are feeling unwell or suspect that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 to avoid visiting our offices or branches and promptly seek medical care.

Citi continues to be accessible through our digital banking channels, including Citi Mobile® App and Citibank Online at Contact Centre services are available and operating as usual as well.

Beware of Covid-19 Phishing Scams

Fraudsters are known to take advantage during periods of change and uncertainty. They may pretend to be legitimate merchants selling masks or other products to entice customers into clicking links to make payments and reveal their banking details such as One-Time-PIN (OTPs) on fake websites.

We must all be vigilant when it comes to suspicious activities and take the necessary precaution to safeguard ourself from phishing:

  • Do not allow yourself to be rushed and pressured into executing a banking related request.
  • Do not respond to unsolicited links or emails.
  • Do listen to your instincts. Be prepared to question anything that feels wrong and verify before making any transactions.
  • Do not ever share your OTP / account number /CVV/ expiry date with any caller.
  • Do not answer unknown callers .
  • Verify the legitimacy of any agency calling you by a quick online search

At Citi, we would never ask for your personal information or for you to provide banking details such as PINs or passwords via social media or email.

Always enter the Citibank website address or "" directly into your browser address bar before you log in to ensure that you are on the legitimate Citibank website. For more security tips, kindly refer to

Should you receive messages from suspicious sources, please contact our Contact Centre immediately.

Bank Smart in the comfort of your home

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Terms and Documents

Product Disclosure Sheet: Relief Conversion Plan

Terms and Conditions: Relief Conversion Plan

Terms and Conditions: Mortgage Loan/Financing and Overdraft Products

Terms and Conditions: Deferment Program for Unsecured Loans / Financing

Terms and Conditions Repayment Assistance Program