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Tomorrow with CitiBusiness.

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Building Wealth with Citigold

  • Unlock a world open to the privileged few. As a Citigold member, you will have exclusive access to a world of privileges and benefits, all designed to help you enhance your wealth potential.
  • With the support of our Citigold Team, supported by our world-class research and global banking network, you can be sure that your finances will receive the attention it deserves.

Credit Cards

  • Not everyone uses the credit card the same way. That is why Citibank offers a range of credit cards with a variety of benefits to meet different lifestyles.

Loans and Finance

Personal Loan

  • Here's a convenient kick-start to all those plans and ideas that you have always wanted to execute but didn't quite have the means to do so.

Home Loan

  • Choose from a standard fixed or variable rate loan such as Citibank Housing Loan, Citibank Home Partner-i, Citibank Homecredit Loan, Citibank FlexiHome Loan, Citibank Mortgage Power and more.


  • Find comfort in knowing that you are constantly protected. We offer a broad range of insurance plans from life, medical and travel insurance, to personal accident cover, mortgage assurance, motor insurance and more. Speak to us today about a plan that suits you.


  • Don't let your money sit idle. Inflation continues to erode your purchasing power, thus it is essential for you to find opportunities to let your money work harder for you. Unit trusts invest in various investment instruments, which consist of stocks, bonds, money market instruments and/or cash. This gives you the opportunity to find the investment that meets your financial personality and objectives.

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