Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

"Citibank Online Document User Agreement"

  1. I understand that the Citibank Online Document Facility (the "E-Facility") means Citibank's online viewing facility wherein Citibank will provide the viewing of my monthly (or such other period as determined by Citibank) statement of account(s) (the "Statement of Account"), advice (the "Advice") or other documents (whether interactive or otherwise) ["Document(/s)"] in an electronic form through the medium of my computer terminal, mobile or any other types of devices which can be viewed online ("Electronic Document") after any cycle cut-off date and to transmit certain instructions (as supported by Citibank) to the E-Facility. The Electronic Document shall only be available for viewing for a period of at least six (6) months (or for such period as decided by Citibank and notified to me) from the date of any respective and applicable Electronic Document Date or such other longer period as may be required by any regulations or laws.
  2. I agree that by using the E-Facility, I accept and agree to be bound by the general terms and conditions governing the E-Facility, including without limitation all the terms and conditions in this Agreement. I agree to be bound by any and all laws, rules, regulations and official issuances applicable to the E-Facility, now existing or which may hereinafter be enacted, issued or enforced, as well as such other terms and conditions governing the use of other facilities, benefits or services that Citibank may from time to time make available to me in connection with the E-Facility.
  3. I agree that you have the absolute discretion to make E-Facility available to me. Further you have the discretion from time to time and upon giving notice to me to modify, restrict, withdraw, cancel, suspend or discontinue the E-Facility without giving any reason and I understand that by using the E-Facility after any modification or change has been effected, I would have agreed to such modification or change.
  4. I shall enroll in the E-Facility and shall provide my e-mail address. Citibank acknowledges that any such e-mail address that I provide is proprietary in nature and belongs to me. You have the absolute discretion, without giving any reason or notice, to reject any request for my enrollment in the E-Facility.
  5. Upon my enrollment in the E-Facility, the paper based Statement of Account, Advice and/or other documents will cease to be generated on the next Statement Date or date of advice or document(/s) or sent to my last known or recorded mailing address. Instead, Citibank will generate on the relevant Statement Date(s) or other appropriate date(/s) the Electronic Document(/s) and I agree to accept and view them in a timely manner. The availability of the Electronic Document(/s) at Citibank's website located at ("Website") on the relevant Statement Date or the other appropriate date(/s) of the Electronic Document(/s), as the case may be shall be deemed the date of delivery of the Electronic Document(/s) wherein the said Electronic Document(/s) will be deemed to have been sent to and received by me. However in some circumstances or upon the occurrence of certain events as determined by Citibank, Citibank may send to me the paper based Electronic Document(/s) to my last known or recorded mailing address.
  6. You likewise reserve the right to impose a fee for the E-Facility at your discretion at any time upon giving notice to me.
  7. CANCELLATION. Cancellation of use of the E- Facility may be effected by either party hereto. In some circumstances or upon the occurrence of certain events you reserve your right to cancel my enrollment in the E- Facility. In instances where my enrollment with the E- Facility is cancelled or terminated, I may apply to enroll for the E-Facility in accordance with the terms and conditions herein and subject to the absolute discretion of Citibank to accept or reject my application. Upon cancellation, you shall on the next relevant date or issuance of the Electronic Document(/s) generate and send the paper based Document(/s) to my last known or recorded mailing address.
  8. I agree that you shall not be liable if I am unable to gain access to the Website or Citibank system from time to time. I understand that while the E Facility is available beginning on a Document Date 24-hours a day, some or all of the services thereon may not be available at certain times due to maintenance and/or computer, communication, electrical or network failure or any other causes beyond Citibank's control.
  9. Although you shall use reasonable endeavour to ensure that the E-Facility is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties you do not warrant the security or confidentiality of any information transmitted through any applicable Internet service provider, information/communication network service provider, network system or such other equivalent system in any jurisdiction via the E- Facility.
  10. The E- Facility uses proprietary software of Citibank, and its affiliates and/or other software suppliers. I agree that you have granted me a non-exclusive license limited to use of this software in connection with the E- Facility which allows me to use such software only for its intended purpose. I agree that I shall not disassemble, decompile, copy, modify or reverse engineer any such software or allow anyone else to do so.
  11. I agree to examine and view online the Electronic Document(/s) in a timely and prompt manner. If there is delay or failure in the delivery of the Electronic Document(/s) ("Non-receipt") or there is any error, irregularity, discrepancies, claims or unauthorised debits or items ("Error") appearing in the Electronic Document(/s), I shall notify Citibank immediately by sending to Citibank an e-mail via Citibank Online or calling Citibank's 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at 603-23830000. If any Non-receipt or Error is not reported to Citibank within the number of days from the Document(/s) Date(/s) as further described and set out in the Customer Notices portion of the Website for a particular Electronic Document, I shall be deemed conclusively to have accepted all the matters contained in the Electronic Document to be true, accurate and correct in all respects.
  12. I agree that all my online or electronic communications including requests or reports on any Error in my Electronic Document(/s) will be by way of sending an email via Citibank Online or calling Citibank's 24-hour CitiPhone Banking at 603-23830000 and all such communications shall contain the following information: (a) name and account number; (b) details of the error; and (c) such other information as required by Citibank.
  13. If there is any change to or irregularity in my mailing, email address or other particulars relevant to this Agreement, I have the responsibility to ensure that Citibank is immediately notified of such change or irregularity.
  14. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Citibank or anyone involved in creating, producing, delivering or managing my Document(/s) , be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that may result from the use or inability to use the service.

Additional Terms and Conditions For Delivery Of Electronic Document(/s) via E-mail

  1. Please read the additional terms and conditions set out below if you have registered for the delivery of your Electronic Document(/s) to your email address.
  2. In requesting and registering for this service, I further agree unconditionally to be bound by the following terms and conditions (including all amendments, revisions and additions, which you may at your discretion effect from time to time upon giving notice to me) in addition to the Citibank Online Document User Agreement.
  3. I understand that Internet transmission lines are not encrypted and that e-mail is not a secure means of transmission. I acknowledge and accept that such unsecure transmission methods involve the risk of possible unauthorized alteration of data and/or unauthorized usage thereof for whatever purposes. I agree to absolve Citibank from any and all responsibility and liability arising from such misuse and further agree to hold Citibank free and harmless from all losses, costs, damages and expenses that may be suffered by me due to any errors, delays or problems in transmission or unauthorized or illegal interception, alteration, manipulation of electronic data or otherwise caused by using e-mail as a means of transmission.
  4. I am aware of all security risks including the risk of the content of my Document(/s) becoming known to third parties. I agree that I shall not hold Citibank in any way responsible for the same and agree that the same shall not be considered as a breach by Citibank of banker-customer confidentiality.
  5. The use and storage of any information including without limitation, the password, account information, account balances, transaction activity and any other information available on my personal computer is at my own risk and my sole responsibility and liability.
  6. Citibank would be deemed to have delivered the Document(/s) to me when Citibank sends the Document(/s) to my email address on the relevant Statement Date or date(/s) of the Document(/s). I agree that Citibank shall not be liable for any non-delivery, disruption or technical failure that prevents me from receiving and/or viewing my Document(/s) sent via e-mail. I understand that while I have opted to receive my Document(/s) via e-mail, Citibank has also made available my Document(/s) for online viewing through the E-Facility via the Internet banking service. It is therefore my responsibility to ensure that I use the E-Facility as an alternative means to view my Document(/s). I agree that I shall notify Citibank immediately if there is any Non-receipt of, or Error in, my Document(/s), in the manner and as provided in the terms and conditions of the Citibank Online Document User Agreement above.