You can now do even more.

We’ve updated the Citi Mobile® App to include an all new experience

It’s quicker, it’s easier to use, and it’s the app that’s all about you

Enjoy control of your card and banking matters, whenever and wherever you go

Find out what makes managing your credit cards and banking so simple

Our customers’ favourite features

Personalize the Dashboard of the Citi Mobile App
Get your Card eStatement on the Citi Mobile App
Protect your Card using Citi Mobile App
Simplify the Payments with Citi Mobile App
Activate and Manage Your Card using Citi Mobile App

Personalised dashboard

Cards e-Statement

Powerful features on demand

Your security is our priority

Simplify your payments

Activate & manage your card

All new features on the Citi Mobile® App

Your wealth at a glance

Access your savings and investments at your fingertips


Authorise your transactions in-app, with an Unlock Code known only to you

Quick Cash

Instant cash from your credit card, on your terms

Sign on to Citibank Online with Citi QR Login

Here’s what you have to do

Launch Citi Mobile® App and click on the ‘Citi QR Login' icon
Scan QR code with successful login and you’re eligible. It’s so easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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