Increase in Credit Limit

Increase in Credit Limit

Need extra cash now? Pick your choice of:

Permanent Increase in Limit

Increase your credit limit now to enjoy greater financial freedom!

Temporary Increase in Limit

Citibank understands your needs and we are able to offer you a temporary increase in limit with just a phone call, no documents required.

  • Permanent increase in credit limit (PICL) - A line increase in recognition of your career advancement and the financial status to match
  • Temporary increase in credit limit (TICL) - Allows you more credit in times of emergency or even to settle last minute purchases
How To Apply

Permanent Increase In Limit*

Please fill up the Application Form

Temporary Increase In Limit*

Step 1:

Log in to your Citibank Online account.

Increase in Credit limit

Step 2:

Click on Services > Card Services and select “Temporary Credit Limit Increase” under the credit limit increase tab.

Card Services

Step 3:

After filling in your desired credit limit^, effective date, and reason, click "Next". In the next screen, check that your details are correct, before ticking the Terms & Conditions box. Lastly, click "Confirm" to submit.

Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Step 4:

Your temporary credit limit increase will be granted instantly, and will be reflected in your account credit limit.

^Subject to Citibank’s approval. Your temporary credit limit increase will last for up to 60 days from the date of approval.

Please contact our CitiPhone Banking at

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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