Turn big purchases into small payments

Get what you love with ease

Turn big purchases into affordable instalments with zero processing fee.

Shop wherever you like

Works for purchases at any merchant RM50 and above on your Citi credit card.


Subject to Eligibility

Simple and hassle-free

Convert your purchases in a few taps on your Citi Mobile® App. No documents required.

Split your big purchases

Tap the calendar icon on the 'Transactions' page of your Citi Mobile® App to convert a single purchase over RM50 into affordable instalments

Split your big purchases Split your big purchases

Convert to instalments
From just RM213.33/month

Bundle multiple purchases

Tap on multiple purchases over RM50 on the 'Transactions' page of your Citi Mobile® App to bundle them together into one instalment plan

Bundle multiple purchases Bundle multiple purchases

for 24 months

Convert to instalments
From just RM213.33/month

for 24 months

How others are using Citi PayLite

Nothing beats seeing the happy smiles on the faces of our loved ones. Little Melvin celebrated his 1st birthday with friends and family thanks to Citi Paylite.
Home appliances
Home appliances
Home appliances often carry a hefty price tag. Stan split the bill for his washing machine with Citi PayLite.
Tech gadgets
Tech gadgets
New magical technologies are always coming out. Jon turned his gadget spree into affordable monthly payments with Citi PayLite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay for the first month?

You only need to pay first month's interest which will be pro-rated from one day after approval date to the next immediate statement cycle date.

Is there any processing fee for Citi PayLite?

There is no processing fee for Citi PayLite.

Do I need to use a particular Citi credit card or purchase from a selected merchant list to enjoy the Citi PayLite service?

No. There is no restriction to any particular Citi credit card or merchant list for you to enjoy the Citi PayLite service.

What if I want to fully settle the Citi PayLite instalment plan before its maturity?

Subject to Citibank's approval, you may at anytime cancel your Citi PayLite plan or opt for early settlement of the PayLite amount. Such cancellation or early termination requires an early termination penalty of 5% on the remaining outstanding principal under the Citi PayLite instalment plan.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Citi PayLite is a service that enables you to convert unbilled retail transactions at a specified interest rate.
  2. The Citi PayLite Amount will be considered to be utilisation of my existing available Credit Limit. For the avoidance of doubt, your Credit Limit will be made available to you again upon repayment of the monthly instalment amount.
  3. Your credit card account(s) or other facility or loan account(s) (if any) must be valid and in good standing (including not being overdue in payment), with the application subject to Citibank's approval.
  4. The Citi PayLite instalments form part of the Minimum Monthly Payment which must be settled by you on or before Payment Due Date. The Citi PayLite instalments are billed to the credit card account monthly similar to a normal retail transaction and are subject to usual Finance Charges if you pay or had paid less than the outstanding balance appearing on your current or previous monthly statements by the Payment Due Date.
  5. Upon cancellation or early settlement of the Citi PayLite amount, you must pay the total outstanding principal together with 5% settlement fee (or any prevailing early settlement fee) of the total outstanding principal.
  6. Click here for Citi PayLite Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click here for Citi PayLite Product Disclosure Sheet.