Instant cash, anywhere, anytime.

Instant cash, anywhere, anytime.

Get instant cash conveniently any time.

Opportunities or other important needs tend to arise at the most unexpected moments. Citibank cash advance helps you solve your temporary cash needs instantly when an amazing opportunity or life's little emergencies arise.


Enjoy financial flexibility and more:

  • Useful for emergencies: Get additional cash instantly at any banks' ATM worldwide.
  • Greater spending power: Ensure you do not miss any deals where credit card payment is not accepted.
Cash advance charges 5% of cash advance amount or minimum RM20, whichever higher
Cash advance interest rate 18% p.a. daily interest from total cash advance amount
Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit Card Type Amount(RM)
Citi Simplicty+ Card 5,000.00
Citi Business Platinum Card 5,000.00
CitiBusiness Visa Gold 5,000.00
Citi Choice Card 5,000.00
Citi Cash Back Card 5,000.00
Shell Citi Gold Credit Card VISA 5,000.00
Lazada Citi Platinum Mastercard 5,000.00
Citi Clear Card 5,000.00
Citi Silver Card 5,000.00
Citi Gold Card 5,000.00
Citi Rewards Card 10,000.00
Citi Rewards Platinum Card 10,000.00
Citi PremierMiles Card 10,000.00
Citi Prestige Mastercard World Elite 10,000.00
Citi Cash Back Platinum Card 10,000.00
Citi Travel Account 5,000.00
Citi Business Signature Card 5,000.00
Citi CommCard J&S 5,000.00
How to obtain cash advance

Here is how you can access a cash advance with your Citi credit card:


ATMs (Credit Card PIN required)*

  • Withdraw at any bank's ATM worldwide, 24 hours a day, with your Citi credit card.

How to setup your PIN

* If you do not have your Credit Card PIN, you may create your PIN via IVR or Citibank Online.

Kindly take note that the provided PIN is only temporary. To access Cash Advance through an ATM, you will have to change the PIN number through the below methods:

interactive voice response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Call Card Activation and PIN Creation Hotline @ 03 2383 0011

> Select Language Option and enter Malaysian NRIC number.
> Select credit card.
> Input 6-digit One Time PIN (OTP).
> Enter your Card Expiry Date in MM/YY format.
> Enter your 6-digit PIN and confirm it.

Log in to your Citibank Online account

> Service Menu
> My Profile
> Create Card PIN

If you have received your new "PIN & PAY" credit card, please use this PIN to perform Cash Advance withdrawals. To find out how to setup your PIN, click here.

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