Enjoy more benefits

Enjoy more benefits

Additional cards come with additional benefits.

Whether you want cash back and savings, rewards for travel, petrol and everyday purchases - there's a Citi Credit Card that's right for you. Applying for an additional Citibank credit card now with no supporting documentation required*!

  • More privileges
    • Card with different benefits all at your fingertips.
  • Wider merchant selection
    • With year-long privileges and discounts from participating merchants nationwide and around the world
  • Financial freedom and peace of mind
    • Enjoy greater convenience and wider coverage with Citi global presence.
  • Fees and Charges
    • Standard fees and charges apply. Click here for more details.

If you do not make the required payment or at least the minimum due by the specified due date, your applicable credit card interest rate will be based on Finance Charges Tiered Pricing rate. Refer to Tier I - Tier III here for more infomation.

How To Apply

*No documentation required (for application request without increase in existing credit limit)

You can compare credit cards to find a card that best suits your needs and rewards your lifestyle. Apply for credit card from a wide range of selection at Citibank Malaysia.

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