Manage Your Finances

Citibank Clear Card

Citi PayLite

Make a purchase anywhere in the world and just make one phone call to convert it into affordable monthly payments.

Balance Transfer

Manage your money better by consolidating all your outstanding balances from other banks, credit cards into your Citibank Clear Card.

Online Bill Payment

Just make a one-time registration of up to 50 bills and from then on enjoy quick and easy bill payments from the comfort of your home or office.

One Bill

This auto-billing service that combines all your bills (from selected merchants) into one account and charged to your Citibank Clear Card every month. Never miss settling your utility bills again.

Supplementary Cards

Share the goodies of Citibank Clear Card with your loved ones who are over 18 years old. Each supplementary card carries a separate account number and an individual credit limit can be assigned.

Credit Limit

Get a high credit limit of up to 2.5 times your monthly salary, and enjoy a spending power that matches your place of living.

How To Make Your Monthly Payments

You can either pay the minimum due amount, or any amount between the minimum and the full outstanding amount as indicated in your monthly statement. For your convenience, payments may be made using any of these 9 easy ways.

Do an Interbank GIRO funds transfer from any participating bank's branch or online banking.

Make payments at over 4,000 selected MEPS Shared ATMs nationwide.

For more information, please visit

Mail your cheque along with the upper portion of your statement in the envelope provided with your statement. No commission is charged for outstation cheques.

Located in the lobby. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions for cheque or cash deposits. An acknowledgement slip will be issued for every transaction.

Log on to to transfer funds from your Citibank savings or checking account to settle your payments.

Sign up for a standing order to have your bank account automatically debited for minimum or full payments.

Link your CitiCard to your Citibank Clear Card and transfer funds at the ATM from your bank account to settle your bills.

Get a T-PIN and you can issue instructions by phone to debit your bank account in favour of your Citibank Clear Card account.

With a credit card with rewards points such as Citi Clear Card, enjoy the benefits of 1-1 movie tickets, 1-1 drinks at CBTL & more.

Still looking for other card? You can compare credit cards to find a card that best suits your needs and rewards your lifestyle. Apply for credit card from a wide range of selection at Citibank Malaysia.