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  •   Q1 What is Citibank Alerting Service?

    Citibank Alerting Service is a notification service for Citibank customers on critical events pertaining to their banking relationship. It will also provide general-purpose alerts for Citibank customers via email or Short Message Service (SMS) on mobile devices.

  •   Q2 How can I start using Citibank Alerting Service?

    You need to complete a one-time registration process.

    1. Login to Citibank Online with your USERNAME and PASSWORD
    2. Click on Alerting Service
    3. Follow the steps to register

    You also have the flexibility to subscribe/unsubscribe to any or all of the alerts anytime you wish.

  •   Q3 How will I know that I have an Alerting Service message?

    If you have selected SMS, you will receive an SMS message on your mobile phone when an alert is sent to you. If you have selected Email, you will be sent an email notifying you of the event you have selected.

  •   Q4 How often will I receive these Citibank Alerting Service messages?

    For certain alerts you can decide how often you would like to receive these notifications. You can decide to receive these messages:

    1. Once a day - message is sent only once a day regardless of the number of times
         the alert is triggered in a day
    2. Once a week - message is sent only once a week regardless of the number of times
         the alert is triggered in a week
    3. Once a month - message is sent only once a month regardless of the number of times
         the alert is triggered in a month
    4. Always - message is sent when the alert is triggered

  •   Q5 What if I am travelling? Will I still be able to receive the Citibank Alerting Service on my mobile phone?

    Yes. Citibank can alert you wherever you are in the world. All you need to do is to ensure you have a roaming facility with your mobile service provider.

  •   Q6 What will this service cost me?

    This service is free.

  •   Q7 Who is entitled to this service?

    Citibank customers will be able to enjoy account-specific SMS & Email Alerts as well as the general Citibank Alerting Service.

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