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  • Cruise Away with A BMW 7 Series

    Cruise Away with
    A BMW 7 Series

    or win a luxury timepiece
    with your Citi Visa card

  • Unlock limitless possibilities with Dial-for-Cash Online

    Unlock limitless possibilities
    with Dial-for-Cash Online.

    Turn the credit limit on your credit card into convenient cash.

  • Your voice is now your password

    With Voice Biometrics at CitiPhone Banking,
    banking just got easier

  • Turn your dream home into a reality when you sign up

    Turn your dream home

    into a reality when you sign up




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The information provided via this app has not been specifically created or modified for non-Malaysian resident customers and these promotions and facilities are not available to non-Malaysian residents.

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  • pin-and-pay

Security Tips:

Please be aware of the phenomenon called "Phishing".

Phishing occurs when fraudsters send out fraudulent emails to random email addresses. These emails usually contain a link to a look-alike website to mislead you into entering sensitive information such as your user name, password, One-Time Pin etc. This will enable the fraudsters to capture your account information and access your bank accounts.

Protect yourself:

  • If you suspect you've been sent a fraudulent email, contact our CitiPhone at 03-2383 0000 immediately or forward the entire phishing email as an attachment to spoof@citicorp.com
  • Do not input any sensitive information that might provide access to your accounts, even if the website appears legitimate.
  • If you do need to access Citibank Online, independently navigate to the site rather than using a link that you received in an email.

For more information, please refer to "Phishing scams" in the "Fraud" section of our ONLINE SECURITY TIPS.

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