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At Citibank, you can pay a wide range of household bills. Just click on any of the categories to view the full list.

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Properties management fees
  To enable us to process your payment, please
  • key in all information requested, e.g. account number, customer ID, etc
  • do not exceed the maximum amount allowed by each payee
  • do not split your payments but pay whatever is due in full

Check out this page often as we are adding more e-billers each day.


You may print out this list for easy reference

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Biller Name Account Number Reference No Min Amount Payable Max Amount Payable
  SYABAS (formerly known as PUAS) * No. Akaun No. Bil RM5 RM8,000
  Tenaga Nasional Berhad * No Akaun Pengguna Nama Pengguna RM5 RM5,000
  Telekom Malaysia - Semenanjung * Nombor Akaun Nama Pemilik RM5 RM5,000
  Telekom Malaysia - Sabah * Nombor Akaun Nama Pemilik RM5 RM5,000
  Telekom Malaysia - Sarawak * Nombor Akaun Nama Pemilik RM5 RM5,000
  Astro * Account Number Subscriber Name RM5 RM3,000
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* Only available to Citibank credit cardmembers who pay bills via Citibank Online.

  Online Bill Payment  
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