Get a G-Shock

with Citibank Ready Credit

Get a G-Shock with Citibank Ready Credit

Get a G-Shock

with Citibank Ready Credit

Get a G-Shock with Citibank Ready Credit

Citibank Ready Credit

The overdraft facility that you can rely on to ease your monthly financial burden with convenient cash withdrawal at over 11,500 ATMs nationwide without having the need to pay any fees#.

#ZERO annual fee, GST & Cash advance fee.

Current Promotions
Reward yourself with a G-Shock & RM50 cashback today!


Get a free Casio G-Shock watch (worth RM279) for new customers who apply within Campaign Period and take PayLite by the amount of RM5000 or more, for a tenure of at least 24 months with 12% p.a. (equivalent to 1% per month) along with their Citibank Ready Credit application. On top of that, customer can also get RM50 cash back with 3 retail (SWIPES) transactions of any amount done with your Citibank Ready Credit Debit card within 60 days from the card approval date.
Welcome gift (G-Shock watch) will be delivered to customer’s address as per the application form within 4-8 weeks from the end of the Campaign Period; while the RM50 Cash back will be credited and reflected in the successful applicant’s RC statement within 4-12 weeks from the end of the campaign period.
Yes if you meet the above campaign mechanics. You can potentially receive is RM329 (G-Shock watch worth RM279 + RM50 Cashback).
No. Each customer can only entitle for 1 G-Shock watch.
No. As long as you have performed 3 swipes on retail transactions with your Citibank Ready Credit Debit card, within 60 days from card approval date.
You can choose a repayment tenure of 24, 30, 36, 48 month or any other period as Citibank may offer or approve.

PayLite Repayment Table (RM)
Amount 24 month (6.49% FIR) 36 month (6.52% FIR) 48 months (6.60% FIR)
5,000 235 166 132
10,000 471 332 263
15,000 706 498 395
20,000 941 664 527

Terms and conditions:

  • RM50 cashback is applicable to the first 1750 applicants who make 3 Retail (SWIPES) transactions within 60 days from the approval date.
  • G-Shock promo (model No DW-9052-IVDR) is applicable to the first 750 successful applicants who avail of a Citibank Ready Credit PayLite amount of RM5000 or more, for the tenor of at least 24 month, along with their Citibank Ready Credit application.
  • 12% effective interest rate per annum only applies to PayLite.
  • Terms & Conditions apply at
  • Promotion period: 1 November till 31 December 2014


All year round permanent benefits:

Zero annual fee & GST
Zero cash advance fee for all cash withdrawal
Monthly payment as low as 4% of outstanding balance
Enjoy special deals & discounts with Citibank World Privileges

How it works:

Customer can gain access to extra funds through the overdraft limit with any of the following methods:

Withdraw cash

Swipe or purchase online

Online transfer

Write a cheque

Ready Credit is a “pay-per-use” overdraft facility, thus interest will only be charged to the amount utilised from your overdraft limit on a daily basis and is chargeable until the outstanding amount is fully paid.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Ready Credit also comes with Instalment plans:

PayLite With PayLite, you can get cash amount by converting a portion of the overdraft line assigned to your Citibank Ready Credit into cash loan and repay in monthly instalment.
>Learn More.
Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan Rediscover your spending power by consolidating your credit/charge card outstanding balances held with other banks to enjoy greater savings and better management of your finances with Balance transfer via Instalment Plan.
>Learn More.

How much you need to pay per month:

You can choose to pay us the monthly outstanding balance in full or the TOTAL MINIMUM PAYMENT DUE each month, as illustrated below:

The Minimum Payment is determined as follows:

Revolving Balance Minimum payment Due for the month
Revolving Balance (RM) For CRC accounts without Instalments plans For CRC accounts with Instalments plans
RM0 to RM60 Full Revolving Balance 4% of Full Revolving Balance + monthly Instalments*
RM60 to RM1,500 RM60
Above RM1,500 4% of the Full Revolving Balance

*For Example:

If you have a signed up for an instalment plan with a monthly instalment amount of RM400 and the Full Revolving Balance is RM500 for the month, the minimum payment due would be RM420
i.e. RM20 (4% of Full Revolving Balance) + RM400 (monthly Instalments).

You can pay your Ready Credit monthly bill via any of the following methods:

  • By cash via cash deposit machine
  • By cheque
  • By online transfer (GIRO)
  • By fund transfer via MEPS Shared ATM

Criteria For Application

Minimum Income Requirement RM24,000 per annum
Minimum Age 21 years old
Maximum Age 65 years old at the point of application

Required Document for New-To-Bank applicants:

Type of Applicants Documents Required
Salaried Employee Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)

Latest EPF Statement


Latest 2 months salary slip*


Any of the following documents where required.

  • Latest BE form with tax receipt
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Latest EA Form
Self- Employed Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)

Photocopy of Business Registration form


Latest Form B with tax receipt


6 months bank statements

Salaried Expatriate
(Only applicable for credit card applications)
Copy of Passport

Latest 2 months salary slip*


Work permit valid for at least six months at the time of application


Letter of employment

*Number of months of salary slip required will depend on the job nature of applicants

SMS RC2 to 36700
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